Nancy Ezell

How can I be a threat to society when I can hardly breathe, walk and always in pain daily. The community also believes that I'm not this big threat to society when the parole board has at least 700 or more sign petitions asking to let me out.

Nancy Ezell's case is another example of the stubborn refusal of the DOC to release anyone absent a court order, Born in 1952, Now 65, is very ill and has been supported in her bid for compassionate release by the whole activist community for a couple years now . Recently she had a breast removed after complaining for two years of sever pain. Her list of physical complaints is daunting# as her record -no major conduct reports and complete compliance with all program requirements. She also has volunteered with the End Of Life Care Program ,has been a mentor at Harris Hall and also at the Treatment building teaching women's how to crochet.

(her medial problem#Hypertension,Hyperlipidemia,Diabetes,Copd,Hypothyrojdism, arthritis, Coronary Artery disease, history of Coronary artery bypass graftingx3 and coronary artery stent placement on 4 occasions, Obesity, pulmonary hypertension, chronic, stage 3 Kidney disease, Anxiety, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, obstructive sleep apnea, Heart failure-and need both knees replaced.)

Update July 30, 2017

Nancy.Ezell #054991
Taycheedah Corr. Inst.
P.O. Box 3100; Fond Du Lac Wis. 54936  

                           DYING TO BE FREE
Read as PDF file : Read as PDF file:https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/nancy-ezell-comp-release-7-27-17all.pdf
I realize the very nature of what I WAS DOING WAS WRONG AND STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUNISHED; HOWEVER I was prosecuted to the very strictest degree of the law. I received a 65 year prison sentence and a 25 year stayed sentence, the 65 year prison sentence I received was for less than 11 ounce of cocaine, with the street value of maybe $350.

I'm not trying to minimize my crime I was wrong and deserve to be punished and I take full responsibility for my action. But I know that all of the medical issues that I now have work against me and I know that I will die anytime. I can’t say that I will die in three or six months but I know that my time is limited because of my issues, and I have been going and staying in the hospital quite a bit.
I HAVE UNDERGONE severe coronary disease and multiple revascularization procedures including an extensive coronary bypass graft surgery, diabetes which is out of control, hypertension and dyslipidemia that increases my risk of dying from heart disease, also I need both knees replaced, but my Dr. won't do it, He toId me that even though I need this done that he could not operate on me because of my other medical conditions, so now I suffer from that pain and many others: These are some of my other medical issues that I have:
COPD and I'm on Oxygen, Gerd, Stomach Ulcer, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea, Congestive Heart Failure, Arthritis of the Lumbar Spine, I have stage 3 Kidney disease. Just last year I found out that I had Breast Cancer, and have been in and out of the hospital 8 times since June of 2016 until July 01 2017.

I'm also sending you a report from the parole commissioner. I have never had any needs for the first 16 years that I have been here, but when I seen the parole board for the first time in 16years, they wanted me to do modules, and I have now completed all of what they want me to do. As of this date 04/07/2017,I have Completed the following courses and also classes while confined in D.O.C: CGIP at Taycheedah 11/18/15, Personal Development 09/08/2015, Psychological Services 12/18/2014, Financial Literacy 3/15/2017, Wellness Module 1 04/07/2017, I went the extra yard to better myself and went to Wisconsin Resource Center and completed these courses I took a second CCIP @ WWRC completed 4/13/2016, Emotions Management Skills 03/17,2016, Aware Program 05/17,2016, Trauma Recovery And Empowerment (Trem) 05/24/16, Health module @ Taycheedah 11/30/16. I have earn 6 college credit and working on a diploma of 60 college credit, For His Glory Bible College.

For me my biggest accomplishment Was having completed the training program @ the Taycheedah Correctional End Of Life Care Program and becoming 'a volunteer, 12/29/09, I've also been a mentor at Harris Hall and also at the Treatment building teaching women's how to crochet
I have satisfactorily COMPLETED the full rehabilitation programs initially set out as D 0 C 's stated criteria and rehab goals. Completion of which makes a prisoner less likely to re-offend when she or he is released.

In closing I feel that I have been well behaved here and have a very good disciplinary record, have met all of my needs, with no major tickets. This in itself shows the sincerity in my desire to conform and be a law-abiding citizen if released back into society.

In fact, studies on recidivism show that the prison inmates who have exemplary disciplinary records make up the majority of the statistics of being the releases who ARE less LIKELY TO RETURN TO PRISON. I AM NOT A THREAT TO SOCIETY AND I HAVE VERFIABLE PLACES THAT I CAN GO TO AND STAY How can I be a threat to society when I can hardly breathe, walk and always in pain daily. The community also believes that I'm not this big threat to society when the parole board has at least 700 or more sign petitions asking to let me out.

Inmate that is eligible for parole by policy and statutory law should be released. In fact this' shows a wise and prudent parole board, whose members act in the best interest of society. In other words, the further, continuous holding and incarceration of an inmate to the detriment of rehabilitation and correctional purposes, and then releasing that inmate at a later date, would be acting against the best interest of society. Ezell medical bill has been close to a million dollar and counting, when she can take the burden off of the tax payer and get social security.
It all started in 2012, that I thought but I found out it started in 2008

I was at UWM hospital. I was getting a Cat Scan on my lungs and while doing this scan they notice a mass on my left breast, my lung Dr. told Taycheedah that I need to get a mama gram. I went to St. Agnes and they took a mama gram, they seen the mass but the Dr. told the tech to tell me don't worry about it, it's nothing. Now for over 2 years, I had been complaining to the medical department that my left breast have been hurting really bad, I would tell them that the pain feels like I had just had a baby and the milk in my breast was stuck. Yes. I was taking a mama gram on this van every year that would come to Taycheedah and I would get the results that it was all good. I would tell the Medical dept. and who ever would listen to me the same thing that my left breast is hurting really bad and I would tell them how the pain felt. Nobody would really listen to me.
Now within a year or so of this constant breast pain, I would tell the medical department that I was getting these stabbing chest pain that would come very quick and take my breath away for a minute, they would tell me it's just chest wall pain, after a year or so later I visit my lung Dr. at UW Madison, she did some lung tests on me and said my lungs were getting better but I was really out of breath, she said you need to see your heart Dr. So Taycheedah made me an appt. one for the Heart Dr. and one to take a Biopsy of my left breast. Now a week had went by and I went to St. Agnes to get this Biopsy done, (they told me that it might be a week or so before I would find out what the results was) Before I could go to my appt. for my Heart, One morning I got up and got this really bad stabbing chest pain and I told the officer and was sent to the medical dept. They call for and ambulance to send me to St. Agnes, so we are waiting and I'm on this gurney, when the EMT came in and said We are going to have to send for another ambulance because ours is smoking really bad, So I'm laying on the gurney and praying to God that I don't have a Heart attack, 10 min later the ambulance came and we finally made it to St.Agnes.The hospital does some tests and this Dr. came in and told me that I have to stay because there is something wrong with one of my tests for my heart, and then she says “Oh yeah you do have some sort of breast Cancer and don't worry about it, You are here for your Heart.”

A couple of days I'm still in the hospital and now I have to go to the cath lab so they can go and look up in my heart arteries, I stay on the table for almost 3 hours and I knew that something was wrong. Finally finish and went back to my room, The Dr. came up and said that you was one lucky woman your main left artery was 100% blocked and most people don't make it when this artery get's plug like this. We call it the Widow Maker, because it makes your partner a widower.

So now one down and one to go, the Cancer, the Cancer Dr. told me that they won't have to take my whole breast off, she said that the Cancer is in my milk duct, and I told her I had been telling the medical Dept. at Taycheedah for over two years that I was having this very bad pain in my left breast, I told them that it feels like I had just had a baby and the milk was stuck in my left breast, She said the reason that you was saying that is because Your Cancer is in your Milk Duct.

So now I goes and get this Lumpectomy and around a week and a half later I goes back to see the Surgeon for a follow up, Now she tells me, I'm sorry it's bigger then what I - thought, you are going to have to get a Mastectomy, I have to get my whole left breast taken off. I'm really sad, very stress out, can't hardly sleep at night, can't stop crying, scared. I have been saying for years that I don't care what the Mamagrams are saying, Something is wrong with my left breast. I would even tell medical about all the pain that I was having with my breast and chest. I feel that my breast might could have been saved, But my words were falling on deaf ears. I have a reason to feel like this. These are my medical problems :Hypertension,Hyperlipidemia,Diabetes,Copd,Hypothyrojdism, arthritis, Coronary Artery disease, history of Coronary artery bypass graftingx3 and coronary artery stent placement on 4 occasions, Obesity, pulmonary hypertension, chronic, stage 3 Kidney disease, Anxiety, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, obstructive sleep apnea, Heart failure-and need both knees replace.

I feel that the prison was acting with deliberate indifference to in medical needs. Serious medical needs of prisoners constitutes the unnecessary and Wanton infliction of pain proscribed by the Eight Amendment.

 Letter for supporter Joyce Ellwanger

Commissioner Doug Drankiewicz
Wisconsin State Parole Commission
3099 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704
January 27, 2017

          Re: Parole for Nancy Ezell #054991
Dear Commissioner Drankiewicz:

I am writing to you in support of parole for Nancy Ezell. I have known Nancy for the past three years. I have visited her at Taycheedah. I have visited her family here in Milwaukee. I arranged for family members to share Nancy's story at a meeting which MICAH held at St. Francis Church earlier this year where several hundred people were present. So I do feel that I know Nancy pretty well.

You have been seeing her over several years as well. When you see her this spring, in addition to all her other health issues, you will learn that she has had surgery for a potentially fatal blockage of a main artery to her heart, and that she has had two surgeries for breast cancer, having lost one breast in the process. Her knee replacement surgeries have been delayed, as she hopes to have them when she is released home to Milwaukee. So she is a woman who lives with illness and with pain.

Still her letters are full of hope and faith. She knows that has now completed all the courses you have asked her to finish before release. She knows that she is well beyond the release date the sentencing judge would have anticipated. She knows that she has had no major tickets since she saw you last. She knows that she is no danger to her community and that she has a loving family waiting to provide care for her here in Milwaukee upon her release.

So, as you examine the criteria you use to determine eligibility for parole, she has met the criteria necessary for parole. She has learned from her time in prison. She has seen grandchildren born and has had the support of her family through almost two decades in prison for a non violent offense- harsh drug sentences that were given at the time have been reduced in many states. Keeping her in prison any longer serves no useful purpose for Nancy or for the State.

So I am asking you to carefully examine her situation and support her release now. I am enclosing a petition that WISDOM ROC (Restoring Our Communities) campaign has circulated on her behalf with over 200 signatures in support of her release. The state-wide conference call of our Old Law and Compassionate Release Committee gets regular updates from the letters I receive from Nancy. We look forward to the day when we can join her family in finally welcoming her home.

I am sure you will be pleased to see that Nancy is now in full compliance with what has been asked of her. And I trust you will have her best interest at heart as you meet with her and reach your decision about her parole.
Respectfully. Joyce ellwanger
Old Law and Compassionate Release Committee WISDOM

Nancy Ezell 333049
Taychedah Correctional Institution, Fond du Lac , WI
Has been in for 16 years for a non violent drug offense; given a 65 year sentence. She has very high medical bills, is on oxygen. She is 62.

Nancy was one of three prisoners we did a compassionate release application for . All were denied with the statement that there was no compassionate release for old law prisoners. ( untrue)

Dean Stensberg, Parole Chairman
Ed Wall, Secretary of DOC
Concerned citizens

      We the undersigned, petition you to release Nancy Ezell (#054991). We wonder why  this woman is still incarcerated. She is elderly and infirm and no danger to  anyone. How are you making us  safer by wasting our dollars like this?
         Nancy Ezell was Born 1952 and is now 63. She was convicted in  1998 of drug possession “with intent to manufacture, distribute or deliver. (961.41.)”
She has had multiple major heart surgeries, has type 2 diabetes and is on oxygen. She is in two knee  replacements and has much pain.
       Nancy is now housed in unit with mentally ill prisoners where windows cannot be opened and feels she is near suffocating. She came from housing for younger people, where the noise and pace of the place were stressful and dangerous.  To her requests to be moved, she is told there is no room anywhere else. This prison is severely overcrowded.
      Statistics show that the crime rate drops dramatically (from 12 percent to 6 percent) for people over 30. After 55 it drops to near zero. This would be enough to tell us that Nancy is not dangerous but the fact that she carries around oxygen wherever she goes makes this certain.  Another factor is that she is in prison for a non violent drug crime and was sentenced when the WAR ON DRUGS was at its highest pitch. Then Excessive sentences for non violent crimes were the norm. 
      She also has children who would love to have her home and who would care for her.
      But the enormous cost of keeping Nancy in is not the most important consideration. The prison cannot house someone as sick and frail as Nancy humanely. Prisons were built for the healthy. She is very stressed with the noise and commotion and lack of nurturing has taken its toll. Again studies tell us that prisoners age much quicker than non prisoners- Some studies name 50 , some 55 as “old”.  Nancy is old and frail and needs to be home with her loved ones.

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