Woodrow Ingram

Woodrow Ingram 179334
 SCI 100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768

"I have been incarcerated for 23 years, since 1992, for 3 counts of  armed robbery and 1 count of attempted robbery. I received 3X13years for the 3 counts of armed robber, which is 39 years. I also received 10 years probation for attempted robbery. I only have 5 years before my M.R. date and I have only received 3 major conduct reports, and 7 minors out of 23 years that I have been incarcerated. No one was injured or hurt in my crime. I thank God for that. There are so many lifers, and other people who have been released sentenced with more time than I have, and most of them have not served more time than I have."


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