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 A.Latest Campaign materials


Parole Petition with Talking points-GET SIGNATURES!!

How we got so messed up- FFUP June 214 parole report as blog post
                                                                                    Parole report as PDF file                                                                                     exhibits only in pdf form  

                                            1994 memo from WI governor to secretary of DOC- this is the famous  memo that set the parole stoppage in motion. WI was to get millions of aid from the federal government for keeping violent offenders in as long as possible

 One way out- RULE CHANGE
                                       statute 227 allows for rule changes if 5 people petition

                                        Rule changes FFUP is proposing


   1)          ABUSE IN WAUPUN SEG Units                        
                         articles on web

Article one of WCI seg abuse, links to Wisconsin Watch web
WI rethinks solitary confinement/

Faith based group seeks probe

Articles and data in easy to read format
Wisconsin Watch articles July 20-22 on word
                         Data in alleged abuses

    2)          JULY 9th WISDOM ACTION in the NEWS

    3)         FFUP June Newsletter

C. recent Studies/Articles

New UWM Scholarship Offered to Children of Inmates/All current and accepted UWM students who have an incarcerated or paroled parent or legal guardian are eligible for a new scholarship that will be administered by the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare (HBSSW) starting in spring 2014.
    Governor Walker, ALEC and prisons
    Posted by Brendan Fischer on June 17, 2014 /The ALEC Angle in Scott Walker's "Toxic Strain   of Racial Politics"
     Crisis of aging prisoners/USA Today/This 'national epidemic' includes packed prisons, high-cost medical care and dwindling resources. This all begs the question: Should frail, incapacitated inmates be there

     Mass incarceration of Milwaukee Blacks and its effects/Wisconsin's mas incarceration of African American Males: Workforce Challenges for 2013/prepared by John Pawasarat and Lois M. Quinn
Employment and Training Institute; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
D.Solitary Confinement
Solitary Watch blog post featuring one of our own/ this website is one of the best on solitary confinement
Hellhole, an article almost ten ears old now but still one of the best

E. Proposals for change from prisoners(just a start)


Amondo Duckworth-A Better World Project

One National Economy by Lorenzo Johnson


 F. Books and other published works by prisoners(just a start)Trina, byJeff Love IN WARM BLOOD by DarRen Morris and Judy Adrian  Essays we need to read by prisoners(many coming)


 Sandridge Boondoggle by Charles Anderson





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