WHY? a quick summary of about thirty old law prisoners-an introduction to their dilemmas

 Here we introduce you to a few of the men and women who are rehabilitated and ready to come home. There are about 2500 prisoners , all over 30years old ; over 1000 of them are over 55 .They do not need to be incarcerated and it is a human rights violation of the first order to hold them. But more than that, their release would go a long way to solving the overcrowding problem and resources could be put into programs and treatment that we lack now in our prisons and community. We are not being made safer by the present system for inmates are not rehabilitated- they are generally abused. 

James Schuman and Parents.
 His mother has just been told she has
6 months to live.

Scott Howard with aging parents

  You will see links to petitions for individuals below being shepherded along by loved ones of the prisoners.Please sign a few. 
 We begin with two urgent cases:
Parents not long to live, these men want most to be with them in their last days.
Scott Howard and James Schuman are both in their 60’S and long ago rehabilitated. They both have ailing parent and their most earnest desire is to be with them in their last days. James Schuman just learned his mother has 6 months to live.

click here to read James Schuman's  blogpost James Schuman plotted to kill his wife during a dark parole period of divorcing- the man he plotted with was government- no one was hurt. He has been in prison for 18 and 1/2 years and wants nothing more but to be with is dying mother on her last days- she has been given 6 months to live. He has multiple health problems, is in his 60's.

click to see  Scott Howard's blog for more info         

Scott Howard Has been in prison 30 years on a life sentence. Been to parole board 10 times, Co- defendants were release long ago, Prison record exemplary. Family devastated and needing him home at last.
Compassionate Release Applications Denied

We did an application for compassionate release for three deserving Old Law prisoners  and were denied with the statement that there is no compassionate release for old law prisoners, they just go to their parole board. There is an executive directive that specifically says otherwise. Here are the three:

 Nancy Ezell

Nancy was convicted on a non violent drug charge 15 years ago, is 62 years old now. She is very ill , with a heart conditions and other impairments. She is on oxygen and being housed in conditions that cause her much pain and stress.
View our compassionate release application for her and 2 others.

Terrance Shaw has been in prison for 32 years, for murder. He is a Viet Nam veteran and now knows he had  PTSD when he committed his crime and still works at controlling the symptoms, is model prisoner and has been offered treatment at the VA Hospital and a job mentoring others after treatment is finished- he must be released first. 
Ron Schilling:
Ron Schilling and mother  shortly before she died
Born In 1951, Ron Schilling is now 64 and has been incarcerated since 1976, 39 plus years.
Ron was granted parole by Leonard Wells until he became victim of the new tough on crime rhetoric that also cost Leonard Wells his job. Since then he has been back and forth from minimum to medium and is transferred without a word on why and is convinced there is retaliation going on.Here is what his social worker said:
"Mr Schilling has a keen mind and a good heart. If he is not a successful candidate for
restoration to the community, then no one on my caseload could possibly be!"

It is an incredible fact that we have many prisoners from other countries who were eligible for parole many years ago and we ordered deported back to their homeland upon release. Why are we holding them? Families are waiting for them in their own country. Here are two:

 Jose Fuentes
Like the next prisoner, he wants to be deported, is eligible to be deported. He is rehabilitated,his family is waiting. Click to sign Jose Fuente's petition
Here is Jose's blogpost

Jose Garcia:incredibly, this man  could have been deported as soon as he reach parole eligibility and here he sits along with many other who want nothing more that to return to their home countries


We now know the injustice of sentencing a child to life in prison and the supreme Court is deciding crucial issues on this matter.. The brain is physically not developed to think long term, to understand consequences. There are many prisoners in WI who were sentenced as youngsters and received incredibly long sentences- many need to get back to court to get sentences reduced. Others just need parole. These petitions will help build public pressure . Please sign.

here is a blog of many more juveniles waived into adult court and now mature
 7)Andre Bridges
Andre Bridges

Was a juvenile when He committed his crime. He foolishly fired into the air trying to stop a fight . This incited not the quiet he hoped for, but mayhem and someone was killed. Andre was severely depressed when first in prison and is not a changed man. His fiance awaits him and he deserves a second chance-
click here to sign Andre's petition

Latest campaign update 2 14: Andre asks if we are fighting for his release in our old law campaign. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole at the age of 16. The answer is YES-  juveniles sentenced under these unjust law will also finally get fair hearing. See our juvenile blog for latest supreme court rulings on  juveniles.

" As you already know, I am a parole eligible lifer who entered the system as a juvenile. However, my parole eligibility date was extended. Therefore I'm considered an old/new law prisoner. The "new law" aspect comes into play because in 1989 the law which had parole eligibility dates set at 13 years and 8 months for individuals sentenced to life was changed. That change gave judges the ability to set parole eligibility dates to wherever they saw fit. Needless to say, in 9 cases out of 10, one sentenced to life got his parole eligibility date extended well past the aformentioned standard of 13/8.
And so, in 1992 (at the age of 16) I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole until the year 2037. My question to you is this. Are prisoners like me included in this "old law/parole eligible" campaign? Or, are you all looking for specific old law prisoners? My hope is that the campaign DOES, in fact apply to all old law, parole eligible prisoners, regardless of sentence structure. Should that be the case, please accept this letter on behalf of all the old law or old/new law lifers in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections."

click to read on pdf:At The Hands Of His Mother- Why we tend to throw our lives away; a worse case scenario -

read as post

8) Shulbert Williams, a juvenile offender deserving of a second chance:

shulbert and daughter

Shulbert  was waived into adult court as a juvenile an has become a mature man since- the sentence was far too long and he will be seeking a sentence modification through the courts also. 

Petition for second chance for Shulbert Williams

Shulbert's blogpost

9)Hayes Jackson, Waived into adult court read his story, Sign his petition. 
petition to sign for Hayes Jackson 

click here for Hayes Jackson's blogpost

 Tommy Thames 297592 OSCI
Tommie with his mother
  Tommie Thames was 17 years old when he was waived into adult court. He and a friend had been drinking and plying with gun in the basement. The gun went off, killing the friend and Tommie frantically tried to hide the body. It is 21 years later- can we give him a second chance? 
Tommie's story and Parole decision and in pdf file. 


  E. Solitary confinement torture:
13)Luis Ramirez urgently needs help. He has been stuck in seg forever ,was released briefly to general and did what prisoners call "Snapped out",stabbed a guard with a pencil. the guard was back at work the next day and Luis says he blacked out and does not remember the incident. He is back in seg with pending criminal charges. We are calling for release on parole , where he would do well with his family OR a transfer to Mendota Mental Health Clinic- away from vicious cycle  in the DOC. WE also ask for an investigation. He is convicted of armed robbery where no one was hurt. Because he harms himself in seg he is perpetually given new conduct reports and because he is there, he is not allowed the programming he needs. Help us get him out of this terrible cycle the prison has made him mentally ill. Read and sign the petition please. Plea for Treatment and Parole for Luis Ramirez

Luis new blogpost:  http://parolecases.blogspot.com/2015/11/luis-ramrez-victim-of-solitary-torture.html

Kept in prison for bogus run around reasons-
Kim S. Szemborski 049375 ;Gordon Correctional Center:
 in prison so far for 28 years, for armed robbery in which no violence occurred. He is 61, has exemplary record, received a parole recommendation in 2011 which was later denied.
 At 61 years old, the national recidivism rate also reflects minimal (0>1%) risk of committing new crimes.
view parole decision as pdf file
Kim Szemborski with person he hopes to make a life with once out.
Reasons for denial:                                "Insufficient time for punishment" and "Unreasonable risk to
community;" reason given for parole grant denial and 12-month deferment, "still needs supervised placement in community with no conduct issues before release consideration."

1.You have developed an adequate plan, but will need Agent's verification.
2.Your institutional conduct has been satisfactory.
3.Your program participation has been satisfactory.
4.Release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public.
5.You have NOT served sufficient time for punishment.

Verlin H. Walker, #171948
Verlin walker as part of the PDCI sand bagging crew
Verlin Walker 171948

Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center
1318 N. 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205-2596 

Another man granted parole by the commissioner and then denied by the parole chairman. This man has had many work release jobs, was a fork lift driver in Seneca and is a saw operator for Midwest Metals today. He has had access to people keys in his work and at one point drove 80 miles to his job form the prison. What are we waiting for???
       Incarcerated 3/96 on a 35 years sentence for masked armed robbery
       Has served 19 years, Born in 1970 , in now 44.
Become parole legible in 2004:
10/06(18 month defer), 4/08(12), 4/09(11), 3/10(10), 1/11(1), 11/11(8), 7/12(8), 3/13(7), 10/13(7 w/ a Pre Parole Investigation [PPI]), 5/14(6), 11/14(4 w/ a PPI), 3/15(grant recommendation).

He was recommended for parole by parole commissioner but this was denied by Dean Stensberg, Parole Chairman, and defer was increased to 9 months.(3/15 grant recommendation). He has long been on work release and has had many job offers-has impressive list of accomplishments. Why is this man still in prison? 

Antoine Murphy: Black and Smart


Age when crime committed: 18yrs & 60 days
Convicted of: Attempted Homicide;party to armed robbery;possession of THC w/intent;& use of a dangerous weapon
Length of sentence: 75yrs
Years in prison to date: 17yrs , 9 months
How many Parole hearings/reasons for denial: N/A
Programs,Courses taken and other evidence of rehabilitation:
Anger Management;Tutor Training ;Grief Support; Financial Literacy;Project Citizen ;Restorative Justice;Vocational Printing,Communications,Baptized;Attended 2 prison fellowship seminars;Emmaus Correspondence School;Source of Light Schools;Little Lambs Graduate;Heart Cry Basic Bible Study Course;Men of the Bible Study;Truth Project Study;Not a Fan Study Christian Basics Study;Anger Control Study;member of "set up" crew for Church;currently enrolled in Shalom Seminary roughly 50 credits away from obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Ministry.
I have been published in THE UPPER ROOM & a poetry anthology entitled WARRIOR POETS.. And just last month
I sent my very first book to a publisher:E-Couragement from a Prisoners Pen.
Paragraph regarding self:
"For the most part my coming of age in prison has led to my actually LIKING who I AM! See my crime stemmed. from my not being ok with my natural identity (NERD). Yeah that's me! So as a NERD 4 Jesus I'm ok with being picked on & ostracized. Now I can keep going in the face of my peers taunts of "stop acting white..." Yes,it's ok to be Black & smart. Praise God. So,all these many years later here I AM embodying the Judges advice to "use your God-given intelligence to go far in life."
Even so, being who I AM,I came to realize that my own rehabilitation isn't about obtaining the most accolades. I graduated high school & was an Honor Roll student before I came to prison, even skipped half a grade & have well over a hundred "awards & certificates" from school. That was then..."
sign his petition:

Rufus West; "Lutalo" 225213
Green Bay Correctional Institution
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307
   Lutalo is one of the thousands of Milwaukee Blacks who were swept into prison at the height of the prison boom. He was given his harsh sentence as an " habitual criminal" after being charged with stealing a purse. Later, he was sent to the Supermax after testifying in court to the abuse and death of a prisoner near him. He won a lawsuit against that establishment and that lawsuit caused the discontinuing of one of their more egregious policies. He has transformed himself , works constantly for justice and is an inspiration for many. He has been an important counselor for FFUP.
See his blog:/http://vanguardsofjustice.blogspot.com/

age-43 / DOB 9-13-71 / arrested 8-8-94 Convicted of 1 count of armed robbery and possession of a firearm by felon. The victim was not physically injured. I was sentenced to 2002 or 2003. I've had maybe 4 or5 parole hearings since then. The parole board has denied me parole for the same cookie cutter reasons: "Your institutional conduct has not been satisfactory, your program participation has not been satisfactory; release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public; you have not served sufficient time for punishment." It seems like the longer I'm in prison gives the POC more time to impose new programs on me right around the time when I'm eligible for camp or parole. I've completed all of the programs that I was initially given during my 1st few years in prison. In other words, it appears as though I'll be forced to do programs up until the day I'm released, whether I need the program or not. 

Randall Toth 180498
RGCI;PO Box 925;Red Granite, WI 54970
       Randall was sentenced to life in 1999 for first degree homicide, which then meant, with good behavior, he would be released on parole after 13 and 1/2 years. Has completed all the required programming he can get into, however there is no AODA programming at the prison he is it and he was denied the bakery vocational program. He has completed many voluntary programs and has 30 college credit under his belt. He has strong family support .

  letter to FFUP explaining general situation, programming need and lack of access
 eligible and ready for parole,been model prisoners  When is time enough?
Click to sign Randy Roth's petition

Randall's blog post for more info:http://parolecases.blogspot.com/2015/07/randall-toth.html

Randy Rotta has been in prison for 34 years. His wife supports him and still waits. He still sits 8 years later.

Hector Cubero

Hector Cubero was in prison for 27 1/2 years . He was then paroled ;then revoked for tattooing a minor who lied about his age- His revocation has extended too long.


Robert R. Taylor 181190

Foxlake Correctional inst.
100 Corrections Drive, 
Fox lake, WI  
  Born, 1954, now 61. Sentenced to 50 years in 1998 for robbery, no one go hurt. He was the driver.  Has been in prison for 20 years. Has son who just finished high school and is still waiting to get to know his father.

 Recommendation from Pastor

 Recommendation from prison Chaplain

 Recommendation from Prison recreation leader

2014 parole decision

Certificate of completion of programs1
certificate of program completion 2age when -arrested 41/  age- now 61
4.  Convicted of, party to a crime of armed robbery
5.  date eligible for parole 2012
6.  how many parole hearing 3
 Reason for denial:release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public, and You have Not served sufficient time for punishment.
"For twenty years I have been nothing but a model prisoner, I have never been to Segregation, I have in the twenty years that I been incarcerated 1 Major ticket and that was stopping another inmate from fighting me. I have taken and finish all recommended programming and more, I have held a job and went to school for 19 years. when is enough, enough? I am not justifying my crime, but fairness is something that I have not,gotten, my two co-defendants both got ten years they went into the bank, I was the driver, no one got hurt, and both of then have been home for 16 years and I am still stuck in prison. I am told that I have not served enough time, how much time is enough?"

Lawrence Williams
Here is another young man who received too long a sentence- He has learned what he needed and should go home .
Here is Lawrence's blogpost

 petition for Lawrence Williams
Lawrence with mother, grandmother and friend

Harlan Richards 37975

Harlan Richards 37975

Harlan Richard's  crime was unpremeditated and will never be repeated. He is 60 and has been in prison for 30 years.. He has continuously shown himself to be  is a man deeply spiritual and an asset to all those around him.  He writes beautiful poetry -recommended reading:

Harlan Richards Books at Prisonsfoundation.org
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
I was involved in a spontaneous fight in 1984 where I stabbed a much larger man to death. He attacked me without provocation. I was sentenced to life in prison at aged 30 and have spent 32 Years in Prison. I spent 8 1/2 years in maximum security and 9 years in medium security. I obtained a bachelor of science degree in business administration from UW Platteville majoring in marketing in December 1997. I completed anger management in 1994.

In 2002, I transferred to minimum security and in 2005

I transferred to a work release center. I spent 19 months on work release. In 2008, the parole commission increased my defer based on my current offense and prior criminal record and sent me back to a minimum security prison. In 2010, I received a shorter defer and returned to a work release center where I drove a state van unescorted over 30,000 miles throughout north­western Wisconsin.

In 2011, the parole commission again increased my defer based solely on my current offense and prior criminal record and I was returned to medium security where I have been housed since January 2011.

reasons for parole denial:  Unreasonable risk to the public and have
not served sufficient time for punishment.

San Golden Gilbert 299928; OCI, Po Box 938, Oregon, WI 53575
San golden Gilbert with Fiance' Elexis and her daughter
Click on link below to read their story, in Elexis' words.

Sangolden Gilberts accomplishments and certificates
Born in 1987, is now 37. Was sentenced to 40 years for armed robbery, party to a crime. No shots were fired, No one hurt. He has served 15 of those , He was parole eligible first in 2009. Here he is with his fiance'  Elexis and her daughter. He has full family support.
Coming: radio interview with his mother

Click to read his parole data thoughts on it on pdf

Jim Schultz 8151;
 Stanley Correctional Institution; 100 Corrections Drive; Stanley, WI 54768

Incarcerated 1986 for homicide/
eligible after 13 1/2 years and has been in 36 years/
his story in his own words

Although he has paid for his crime and is eligible for parole, Jim Schultz  is still trying to clear his name Here is his innocence post of many years ago:

Charles E Jackson 228061 OSCI

IN 1990, at the height of the tough on crime craze, Charles go a life sentence for party to the crime of murder. He is a good example of injustice of the "party to a crime" rules, for those who have the least to do with it are often given the toughest sentence. His three defendants which includes the shooter have been out for many years. Charles has never been to a parole hearing. The co defendants had more information and more to deal with.

45 years old, born in Memphis, TN. Sept. 17th 1969.
21 years old (1990)when arrested, during an election year when “tough on crime” was the mantra .
Convicted of - Party To A Crime of First Degree homicide while. Although I was not the person shot or killed anyone I was sentenced to life in prison - while the actual shooter remains at large. I was given a parole date set after serving a 50 year prison sentence under Life - in the year of January 1st. 2041
There was other co-defendant on my case that was charged with the same charge as I was only he later got those reduces after taking a peal deal. There should have been (3) people charged along with myself - my co-defendant and third the actual shooter - who escape justice due to the district and police taking short cuts to attain justice.
I never been up for parole due to sentence structure and it should be noted this was my first time ever conviction.
Since my conviction I have achieved my HSED - gotten a degree in building and maintenance, and wish to attain another degree in the culinary arts. I have also completed two stages of anger management, while I am eager to do more – unfortunately because of lengthy sentence structure I have been placed several other program waiting list with a low priority need.
Adenda on unfair legal rules enacted at the time that impacted the poor.
 In the year of my arrest and conviction October 17th 1990 it was an election year state representatives and another Law enforcement agents made a promise to be more tougher on crime.
  In either the mid or early 90's the president signed a bill into law gave anyone convicted of a major capital offense, such first degree murder a one year dead line to file an federal appeal to their into the courts.
  This was erroneous and harmful to pro se litigants due to the fact that the majority of defendants are Black and from poor low income families.
   Most African Americans that are incarceration represents about 75% of the prison population where Blacks makes up about 15% of the people living in the state of Wisconsin.
   These are poor men and women that are at the time of their arrest and conviction can not read or write or afford proper legal representation. I was and am one of those statistics.