David Skidmore

David Skidmore 297337; OSCI PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 540903

    The  Story of one sex offender. My thoughts: Those who are abused go on to abuse unless there is effective intervention.

20 years in prison/ 59 now/ arrested 1995/convicted of 1st degree sexual assault of a child and repeated sexual assault of the same child. /sentenced to two 40 year sentences to be served consecutively/ first parole eligibility date is 3 31 -15/no deferments yet/A&E need is for SO-4 /MR Date 7-30-48.

Story of a sex offender in pdf format

Summary of story:
    “Please allow me to give  a brief history of how I came to this situation”: Since aged 7 or 8, David was repeatedly assault by his parish priest until he was 11. When he was 12 and went to a YMCA summer camp Sponsored by his church, he was molested by the counselor and a relationship was formed between the two which lasted until David’s mid teens. At twelve years old, in a bus trip to visit his ad, David was solicited for sex from a man on the bus and was aid for sex throughout his youth. One was a police officer who insisted on regular sex for not arresting him. All this stopped when he met his future wife.
                 He has had extensive therapy, some paid for by the Catholic Church some at Dodge. He has learned how he came to make the choices to offend that he did. He is now caught in the “catch Twenty two “that so many prisoners talk about- not allowed to take his last programming. The DOC uses MR date instead of Parole eligibility date to determine when to offer programming. He will never be released til he takes this programming and as they will not be offering it during his lifetime.



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