Lawrence Williams

Lawrence, grandma ,and mother and friend
Please Sign Lawrence William's petition
Here is text of Lawrence's petition with explanation of crime and growth
Petition for the Release of Lawrence Williams III

WI legislature
Parole Chairman Stensberg
DOC Secretary Edward Wall
We as taxpayers and concerned citizens petition those listed above to use their power to see that Lawrence Williams gets thorough and fair Parole Consideration. He was convicted of 10 counts of Armed & Attempted Robbery and 1 count of Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide. Party-to-a-crime to all counts. The enormous 130 year sentence he received does not make sense and he also needs to be aided in getting that reduced.
Here is his statement:”When I was incarcerated, I was 19 years young with no education and no intentions on getting any because I thought I didn't need it. At whatever rate, it wasn't long before I realized that being dumb wasn't cool nor beneficial to a meaningful life. After earning my HSED in 1998, I've achieved certificates such as: Baptism, Workplace Success, Occupational Communication, Student Success, Vocational Math, Tutorial Literacy Training, Welding & Production Welding and other miscellaneous certificates. Now at 38 years young, I can say with certainty that education is a must for all people, being knowledgeable and skilled in many areas you have the wherewithal to make better life choices.”
The above statement tells of his changes- he is not the man he was at 18. He has loving family waiting for him and begs for a second chance.
We believe that this man should no longer be in prison and 130 years is an outrageous sentence especially for a party to a crime offense. It is a waste of A life and taxpayer’ money and he is needed out here. He is young and vigorous and will be an inspiration to the Black youth in this state who are suffering from lack of positive male role models. Why waste funds holding people like Lawrence who are rehabilitated at the same time we release truth in sentencing prisoners willy nilly, many without treatment and no sign of rehabilitation many TIS prisoners are asking for treatment and are not getting it because of overcrowding and lack of funding . There are 150 on the waiting list for drug treatment at any one time, for example. This is inexcusable. Begin to free up the space and funds by releasing this rehabilitated man please. He will be pursuing a sentence reduction and we ask you to support him in this effort.
 Lawrence Williams III #315678;WCI ,PO Box 351,Waupun ,WI 53963

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