Randall Toth

Randall Toth 180498
RGCI;PO Box 925;Red Granite, WI 54970
       Randall was sentenced to life in 1999, which then meant, with good behavior, 13 and 1/2 years. Has completed all the required programming he can get into, however there is no AODA  programming at the prison he is it and was denied the bakery vocational program. He has completed many voluntary programs and has 30 college credit under his belt. He has strong family support .
(AODA is drug treatment- he took one AODA program and was told later it was the "wrong One.")

Click to sign Randy Roth's petition: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/release-randall-toth?source=c.em.cp&r_by=10992208 

From letter by his mother, Diane Toth: 
"Randy has now been given the bakery program at Redgranite. He has 33 college credit, working on #36 which he should have done by September. He has done everything he possibly can to make himself a better person. He get very high reviews from all the teachers and others he has worked with and if they could keep him working for them for more than the two years allowed they would. The main reason he's been denied parole, "You haven't served enough time" or "you haven't met your programs". He did take an AODA program when he was at GBCI but now they told him that isn't the one you need. The parole board needs to talk to the people at the prisons that interact with inmates to get a true picture of how they have bettered themselves and that they should be released. Our son is a very good person that while on drugs committed this crime, and has paid for it. We stand by him and give him the morale support he needs to stay strong and the wherewith all to do better and prove he is a changed man, not the dumb drug addicted kid he was. 

Below: Randall's introductory letter:

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