William Payne

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William Payne #280194

Columbia Correctional Institution
P.O.Box 900;
Portage, WI 53901

D.O.B. 6-26-73
Crime: felony murder
Release Date: 8-7-27
Race: Black

My name is William Payne. I have been incarcerated for the last 12 1/2 years but with God blessing and help from my family I'll Be home soon. I'm extending my hand in hope's of a strong friend­ship. I can say that I learned one Important rule to a woman's heart "they don't like a liar." I’m a fire believer in fidelity. I have high respect for women. I will feel very lucky because it's been some time since I've had a opportunity to take a peak into another heart so I say thank you for this chance at a wel­come invitation to a new friendship. I'm 36 years young 5'8” dark complexion long hair, as you can tell from this picture I'm not that bad looking, (smile), some of my interests in the finer things in life are family, friends, and also I like pampering my lady friend with things that she needs and what make her smile. I could go on but I'm not going to bore you. I've always had the power of belief when meeting new friends no matter what race, we learn and grow from one another. Well I'm about to end this but never our friendship, whenever one come about, smile. Respectfully submitted. William Payne

I have a big problem With PRC here at CCI. The problem is every time that I come out for PRC, PRC always finds a way to second-step me. I have been second-stepped this last six PRC hearing and third step once, my Institution adjust­ment has been remarkable for some time now. I never had a major conduct report in the 12 years that I have been incarcerated. The parole has endorse me to go to medium. CCI has a unit team and the team has recommend me for long term medium every time that I come up for PRC. I have appealed my decision of both PPC and second-step and was rejected to go to medium. I don't know what to do.
William is also Looking for a penpal.
I'm looking for a women that's nice, funny, outgoing, and also understanding, a women who has class and knows what she's looking for in life.


~Mel~ said...

I'm here for you honey! Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Bill just went to the Parole Board yesterday and received excellent news. He has been given a 9 month defer and a transfer to a minimum security facility for AODA Residential. That was originally dropped, but the commissioner would like him to complete it due to the involvement of drugs and his crime.

After he completes it he will be released without going back to the board. The program is only 4 months long!!!!!! I can't wait to have him home.