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Miscarriage of Justice

Brief synopsis

I would like to begin this site with the understanding that I’m not perfect or without flaws, but one thing I am definitely not is a murderer. I’ve never shot , stabbed or cut anyone in my entire life, but according to this so called flawless judicial system, I’ve been labeled a murderer.

Well , my purpose for bringing this case to the attention of the public is because in every case or situation there are two sides to a story and I want those who read this site to assess both sides and be the judge. The who believe the prosecutor version will not support me in seeking justice, but those who use their common sense by assessing the facts and come to the conclusion of the obvious truth will support me in seeking justice to help me prove my innocence. My side of the story was distorted and misrepresented by a deficient and ineffective defense counsel and an over zealous, tunnel vision, vindictive prosecutor.

So as I begin the specific details of the facts surrounding this case from the beginning to its conclusion I would ask and admonish you readers to pay close attention to every detail and word expressed in the content of these pages because as you journey though the facts, theory and lies, you will be enlightened, shocked and surprised by the extent and determination the prosecutor will go to win a conviction over seeking justice. As a reader of the facts and details you will be left with nothing more or less than your common sense to distinguish between the facts , fiction and straight out lies that shaped this entire case and brought about the conviction of an innocent person. I respect all opinions expressed as a result of reading this case , whether in support of me or not, and believe that ultimately , the truth will prevail.

I am in need of an attorney and have no finds for one, so any legal advise, books, or monetary support you can provide would also be appreciated. Even a letter of support to the judge or prosecutor in the case will help .

As you will see in the enduing documents, the prosecutor’s own witnesses have acknowledged in an affidavit that they knowingly conspired to set me up by testifying falsely at my trial and admitted this to a reporter who investigated the case and printed an article on the facts discovered. After this article was printer ( about 4 months ago), an additional one of the prosecutor’s witnesses provided an affidavit admitting that he too, is responsible for conspire. The truth is coming out after I have spent 18 years in prison. Yet the prosecutor fails to reinvestigate this case which is his duty once new evidence is revealed. This is a plea for society’s help in securing me a new trial.

My contact information for books, letters:

Terry Jackson 121898
Waupun, Wi 53963

For questions, or to donate: contact FFUP ,

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