Demetrius Newman

Mr Demetrius Newman #249320
Racine Correctional Inst.
900 Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

                   "Held Forever In Limbo"
Dear Friends
    My name is Demetrius Newman, and I am writing you in hopes of gaining your support/assistance in my efforts to move forward in my incarceration towards eventual freedom. I am currently serving my 21st year on a sentence of life for a conviction of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide While a Party to a Crime. Although I was not the person who actually took the victims life I take full responsibilty for my actions that contributed to the loss of an innocent life. As such I've used this time to change my life in a positive manner mentally and spiritually. Knowing that I can not go back and change what took place I am committed to live my life in a way that will not only repay my debt to society but add to it in a produc­tive way.
    Before this incident I had never been imprisoned. At the time of my arrest I was 20 years old and illiterate, without the ability to read or write. However, through hard work and self-determination I not only learned, to read & write but I was able to first get my G.E.D. then go on to get my H.S.E.D I also took a brief correspondence course through University of Wisconsin-Platteville for Leadership and Mana­gement & Global Business. 
      I plan to continue my education upon my release. Since my incarceration I have participated in a number of programs that have/will benefited me in my present/future endeavors. Programs such as: "Restorative Justice Circle-Getting it Right, Challenges and Possibilities, Pre-Release program, Life coping Skills, Prison Fellowship Minis-teries. Parenting, S.M.A.K.T. Group.In 2001 While in an out of state prison I took part in a rescue effort that helped save a community from a flood. For my actions I received an award of recognition from the Mayor of Appleton, Minnesota, the Honorable R. Ronning.
      In November of 2012 I saw the parole board for the fifth time and I was given my third 12 months deferrwhich means that I am scheduled to see the parole board again in November of 2013, thus the purpose of my letter to you. It is my hope & prayers that within the next year and a half I can develop a line of comm­unication with you that would encourage you to take interest in my cause and support my efforts to move toward freedom.
     I would like more than anything , to go to a minimum security prison where I'll be allowed to work. I believe that through continued positive § productive efforts, earned trust and patience I would show my worthiness to reenter society. At the present I have no outside support to help me with this and so I appeal to your status as a public servant and to the compassion in you as someone who cares about the community and everyone in it, especially the voiceless and disenfranchised.

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