Jeff Keeran

Jeff Keeran 385507;GBCI Juvenile
Convicted 1st degree intentional homicide, armed robbery and armed burglary when17, 18 when arrested in 1998. Judge sentenced him to life with PED in 2023 (25 years) “quite a few” minor tickets when first incarcerated.3 major tickets all non violent.  Has completed 2 vocational trades and is currently a tutor in the cabinetry class. Anger management and AODA need but PRC says he has too much time left and have to wait till he gets to medium. Completed “Challenges and Possibilities” and is now involved with 2nd phase of program called “step up to the challenge”. I am a Christian and I give credit to God for the changes he has made in my life and for the man i have grown up to become. The judge did not consider that he was a juvenile when he committed his crimes and did not waive him into adult court

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