Bryant Johnson

Bryant Johnson 130677,
WCI, PO BOX 351; WAUPUN , WI  53963

Born 1965, sentenced to life , incarcerated since 1997

This story is a heartbreaker for this is one of the most positive and giving men I know. He continues to try to prove his innocence and a big obstacle has been that his lawyer lost the only free copies available of his court records and the court is unresponsive to his request that they help him get new copies. . Slowly family is helping him pay the $1.25 fee per page to get these records recopied. When I contacted Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) to see if they could help advocate, I was told they are under the same rules. The records are old and not on data base. He believes once he has these he can go through the procedures used to convict him, a youth who knew nothing, and the faulty lineup and the abusive interrogation and all the rest point to the proverbial “railroad” justice.  http://oughttobefree.blogspot.com/2008/04/bryant-johnson.html

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