Anthony Murphy still waiting

Antoine Murphy 363399; RGCI ;PO Box 925; Red Granite WI 54970
Born 1957; convicted age 18

Antoine Javelle Murphy 363399
2)DOB 7 12 79l, now 39 Y.o.
3)I came to prison on September 11 ,1997 at the time I was 18 years old.
4)I have been in prison21 yrs. 3 months and 8 days.
5)I haphazardly shot someone while fleeing a scene of a robbery. Also possession of THC  ( marijuana) with intent to sell.
6) my sentence is 75 years in prison
7) I am in RGCI, waiting to be transferred to a minimum
8) My MR:9-11-2072; PMR:11-19-2047
9) June 11, 2016 was my original parole eligibility date
10) programs taken: Anger management. AODA< CGIP, Restorative Justice, project citizen; grief support,  inside out Dads ( presently); got purpose ( presently), issues incarceration.2017 crime victim awareness week; anger  control, AA, scared straight, 2 prison fellowship seminars.
   Education Taken: financial literacy, tutor training; vocational printing; communications; Emmaus Bible Study; Source of Light Bible School; Little lambs Bible School; Heart Cry Bible study; Truth Project; Men of the Bible, Not a Fan. Christian Basics; Shalom Seminary ( presently); public speaking ( presently); Resume writing ( presently). creative writing; College Guild Creative Writing. Poetry night; preparing for an interview; etiquette
 Jobs in prison: lead Baker ( presently), special needs worker, Janitor, chapel clerk , laundry, kitchen. server, community service crochet, community service teddy bear, BSI printing.
summations for letter/
11) 3 parole hearings: 2016-24 months, reduced to 18 months
2017- 11 months program endorsement; 2018 10 months and minimum custody
12) reason for denial: ( sum) release plan good; institutional conduct good ;program participation good
     You have not served enough time for punishment/ release would involve an undue risk to the public.
13) has a big support network upon release


Antoine Murphy: Black and Smart 


Age when crime committed: 18yrs  60 days
Convicted of: Attempted Homicide;party to armed robbery;possession of THC w/intent; use of a dangerous weapon
Length of sentence: 75yrs
Years in prison to date: 17yrs , 9 months
How many Parole hearings/reasons for denial: N/A
Programs,Courses taken and other evidence of rehabilitation:
Anger Management;Tutor Training ;Grief Support; Financial Literacy;Project Citizen ;Restorative Justice;Vocational Printing ;Communications
Baptized;Attended 2 prison fellowship seminars;Emmaus Correspondence School;Source of Light Schools;Little Lambs Graduate;Heart Cry Basic Bible Study Course;Men of the Bible Study;Truth Project Study;Not a Fan Study Christian Basics Study;Anger Control Study;member of "set up" crew for Church;currently enrolled in Shalom Seminary roughly 50 credits away from obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Ministry.
I have been published in THE UPPER ROOM & a poetry anthology entitled WARRIOR POETS.. And just last month
I sent my very first book to a publisher:E-Couragement from a Prisoners Pen.
Paragraph regarding self:
"For the most part my coming of age in prison has led to my actually LIKING who I AM! See my crime stemmed. from my not being ok with my natural identity (NERD). Yeah that's me! So as a NERD 4 Jesus I'm ok with being picked on & ostracized. Now I can keep going in the face of my peers taunts of "stop acting white..." Yes,it's ok to be Black & smart. Praise God. So,all these many years later here I AM embodying the Judges advice to "use your God-given intelligence to go far in life."
Even so, being who I AM,I came to realize that my own rehabilitation isn't about obtaining the most accolades. I graduated high school & was an Honor Roll student before I came to prison, even skipped half a grade & have well over a hundred "awards & certificates" from school. That was then..."

Documents from 2016 parole hearing:https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/antoine-murphy-parole-hearing.pdf

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