Luis Ramrez -a victim of solitary torture

 Luis Ramirez -a victim of solitary torture
244212 , GBCI PO Box 19033,Green Bay, WI  54307

Luis with family as child. He is in brown suit next to his mother
Luis Ramirez urgently needs help. He has been stuck in seg forever ,was released briefly to general and did what prisoners call "Snapped out",stabbed a guard with a pencil. the guard was back at work the next day and Luis says he
blacked out and does not remember the incident. He is back in seg with pending criminal charges. We are calling for release on parole , where he would do well with his family OR a transfer to Mendota Mental Health Clinic- away from vicious cycle  in the DOC. WE also ask for an investigation. He is convicted of armed robbery where no one was hurt. Because he harms himself in seg he is perpetually given new conduct reports and because he is there, he is not allowed the programming he needs. Help us get him out of this terrible cycle the prison has made him mentally ill. Read and sign the petition please.

This from his fiance:

"Luis is a loving, kind and intelligent man. He has been through a lot and has made his share of mistakes. However, he really is trying to be rehabilitated so he may come home to his family. He and I are planning to marry and start a family once he is paroled and able. He is tired of the prison life, the criminal lifestyle and negative energy from prison administration, guards and other prisoners. He made a mistake but should not have to pay for it with his life. Many of us have made mistakes in life or done things we are ashamed of, the only difference between us and people who are incarcerated is they got caught. Please support this petition so Luis may get the help he needs to be a productive member of society and he can come home to his family."

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