Marcus Porter, another juvenile

Marcus Porter

I’ve been in prison since I was 17 years old for 1st degree reckless homicide.
In 1994 I was given 40 years, the max. I am now 32 years old and still in Maximum prison due to my hard time adjusting to prison life at a young age so I Racked up a lot of conduct reports but since the I’ve completed every program that was asked of me. I even took it a step further and did those same programs twice-then I finished programs that wasn’t for me but i done this in an effort to better my life and thinking pattern.

I have a family who is supportive and I also have a daughter who is now 15years old . She was 30 days old when I was first imprisoned. I am asking for a real opportunity to give back to society and do what ‘s necessary to curve the crime rate in the community I came from because as of now that young people in my community are seriously lacking real men and role models that have ben through what they are going through . I can let them know you can do 27 and you can plan your life passed your 18th birthday.

Marcus Porter #251029; Waupun Correctional Institution; PO Box 351; Waupun, Wi 53963

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Anonymous said...

I think there NEEDS to be more men like you that have been imprisoned. You have missed almost all of your daughters life and I strongly agree that you deserve another chance for ALL of the hard work you have done to try to prove that you have changed. going the extra mile was even better, that's what made me want to comment