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“I am a Black Cuban who is doing 25 years for ‘party to the crime’ of 61/2 grams of cocaine, trying to prove innocence. “ I’m not a racist-never have and never will be because my ex wife is white as is my girlfriend and I have lost all so- called friends except God. But life goes on and we must be strong because I believe God has a better plan for us.”

Personal information: Nickname: “ El Nino”. Date of release: Litigating now, if successful, he hopes to be released next year.

Race/tribe: Black Cuban; Age “48 but I look 30;” Birthday: 10/20/57; Religion: one love, one God, one people;

Physical Description: height 6’1”; weight about 170; Hair: long dreadlocks; eye color: Brown
“I’m a very active person and always happy because always god provides us with a way out. I love to write poetry and songs whether in English or Spanish- It’s no matter. I also love to do legal work on my own and help others with their legal problems. My real interest is to find good and honest persons who can tell truth to power- because Jesus said: ‘Truth says you are free.’” John 8.32

“I speak two languages-Spanish and English. My special skills are the law and the way I can communicate with others. I know how to use the computer. “
“I’m looking for a nice, I mean, a decent and honest lady (senorita) who is not afraid to get down to the root of the problem and who doesn’t hide anything from her man. Gen.-2:22-24; Ecclesiastes 9:10; Matt. 19:4-6; I cor. 7: 3-7: Eph. 5:25”
Love (con amor),

"Pozo's Experience"1980-2009
About May of 1980, I came to the U.S.A. from Cuba. I'm from Camaguey-flori Cuba, lovely small town. I have 11 bros & sis total. When I arrived in United States of America, I was taken to Key West Florida. Then from there to Wisconsin Fort McCoy, Sparta Wis. I got sponsored by nice 5 lovely Spartan couple with 3 children. Their names are, Diane, Phil Dammen, and their children's names are, Tess, Jen, Siri-they are grown up now, they love unconditionally. I stay in Sparta for many years, then moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin. I got married after awhile with lovely white lady named Debra Louis Van 'Ripper. We used to love one another very much, so her children Tiela, Trover, Tony. Tony her older son used to live with a foster home because he didn't get along with his mom.

I went to his job and told him that I have married his Morn And that (if) he; ever need any place to stay , that he was welcome. Indeed, he visited me (us) and I fix everything him & his Horn. Then he moved to our house for awhile and I help him with everything- bought him a nice car, gave him money, clothes, etc. That boy love me with all his heart, but his Morn begin to drink & refused to listen to me. After a few years I couldn't take anymore £ she file for divorce. We Divorce 1995-but she used to write me & send pictures of the babies and herself. She always will be my friend no matter what. By about 1990, me & Debra were not living together, but we remain friends & start dating, etc. I start working with my sponsors becuz they have a big photograph studio inside their house.

I worked for them for awhile. Then I moved back to La Crosse, Wi. Once I found a nice white girl named Gabrielle Volten. She invited me to her nice home in La Crescent,MnT. I went there and met her 3 children. I took her out and we fall in love right away & the babies, Liz, Alex, Matthew seem to like me. I took Liz to her Grandmom's farm in my Motorcycle becuz she wanted to ride her horse And later I pick her up... I taught her music, took her, Matthew & Alex to school becuz they love me and love me to take them to school with my red Camaro. I was teaching them Spanish and spend a lot of time with them. Gabriel has a nice dog a rott weiler. She had 11 puppies and we took all to the beach by Mississippi river. Me & Gabrielle has a beautiful girl named Maria Pozo Volten. She is 15 yr old now.

Gabrielle did not get along with her lovely mom Maria, but I told Gabrielle she is your Mom & I'm going to take you to her house tonight. she didn't wanna do it but I persuaded her and we and the children went to her Mom Nicest home. Her Mom Maria was a rich lady, she was born in Germany and married one of the 5 men who invented the radar. Me and Gabriella are no longer in the relationship becuz I told her -not to sale the drug and she did & refused to listen to me and was unfaithful even though I was faithful and loved her to death. She sends me pictures of our daughter when she likes-but I'm ok with it be cuz she has taken good care of our daughter and she is a nice Mom & friend. She has a heart of gold though. My experience in America is great & I'm looking forward to find a nice lady so we can marry and live happily ever after. Only love can save the world. "SMILE!"

“El Nino” Letter to the Justs Petition
Written in July 2009, for himself and others on the wing near him in the Wisconsin Secure Program facility, WSPF

Dearest ones!
I am writing to you with die respect and great understanding. The reason why is that we wish not to go down in history as Unrehabilitated Inmates.

What we mean is the people who have understanding and true guiding principles don’t abuse the rights of others and usurp their authority.

We are being mistreated , misguided, misled and miseducated under the guise that we are receiving fair and equal treatment by the Wiscosnin DOC and state officials but, really, we being made the bitterest persons with no hope whatsoever and no one to be blamed but the entire system , the Department of Corrections, the Justice Department etc.

Since 2000, we are asking for real treatment so we can become better people by helping one- another to be more productive , better fathers, better family members, honest citizens and rehabilitated inmates. But we have been mistreated and tortured mentally and psychologically..

We are also asking for the reinstating of our parole rights and that our family and friends be able to participate in the parole hearings.

This is our hope too,, that we are going to receive fair justice by the parole board, and a true helping hand from the Doc , the government , lawyers judges, family and friends.
We hold this petition as an honest and respectful one for mercy and we further hold it as self evident that our petition will be granted by those who want to ease the unnecessary burden Wisconsin tax payers bear as they pay millions of dollars to keep parole ready prisoners incarcerated.
We are willing to comply with all parole regulations and rules in order to make a better community . we apologize for our crimes and to our victims.

Sincerely Rodosvaldo Pozo

Enough is Enough

There is enough flame and a lot of smoke, to conclude that the Wisconsin Parole Commissioner Alfonso Graham needs to be removed form his position forever… because no one is above the law. The constitution was designed to protect the human/individual rights against government oppression.

Madison said that in the USA “ charters of liberty grant power, in Europe, charters of power grant liberty.”
No one is above the law. It is time to restore checks and balances, it is time to restore the rule of law.

So we say enough is enough.

Their Love and Beauty
by Rodosvaldo Pozo 7/13/99
Everyday I greet the children with respect, love, and an open heart!
I say to them, "Hi there." And they all responded with "Hi, hi, hi, hi!"
I say to them, "Excuse me my brothers and sisters, I have some humble questions to ask of you all" They asked me, "What do you want to ask us sir?" I was impressed with them for the way they treated me and for their loyal love and respect.
I ask them all in turn many questions. I have many problems knowing what color I am, but I'm asking you now. "What color are you?"
But first of all, before you answer these questions, please introduce yourselves! "Hi there! My name is little Roger Smith, ha ha!" Very nice Little Roger, very nice! "Hi! my name is Liza, but everybody calls me Gabi, ha ha.'" "Ah, Brother Roger. Yes! you forgot to tell Brother Pozo that they call you Prince too!" "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that at all," said Roger. It's ok. Little Roger, don't worry brother ok? Thanks!
There were many, many more children there but they were shy and nervous so they didn't introduce themselves at first, and we all know children are like that right? Yes, yes, we know! Good!
Now, I asked them again, "What color are you little ones?" Little Roger (the Prince) said, "Brother Pozo, my parents told me when I learned to talk that we have no color." Good! You have nice and truthful parents, Little Roger! "Ah, Brother Pozo." said Roger. "Yes?" I answered. "Please call me Prince!" he said "Ok Prince, I will call you Little Prince instead, deal?" I said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" he said. "Thank you Brother Pozo!" "You're very welcome."
"Liza, do you want me and the world to call you Gabi or Liza?" I asked. "Well, Brother Pozo I don't mind ok, but, you can call me Gabi because it sounds cute." she said. “Ah yeah, you are right Little Gabi, ha, ha!" Smile!
I asked little Gabi this question and she told me this, "Excuse me Brother Pozo, you forgot to tell us what you asked Little Gabi," said Prince. “ Oh yeah, I sure did, but I thank you all for being polite and for reminding me!" "Excuse us Brother Pozo, but, God made us or we better say He created us with the right attitude to be nice to one another and to love one another as well because it's our true nature." Ah, you're right my loving brothers and sisters! Thanks!
Well, let us then ask Little Gabi this question ok? "Yes, yes!" Little Gabi. "Yes?" What do you think about the human race? "Brother Pozo, even though I'm little, I'm only 7 years old, my parents have told me that we are all one, I do feel that we all are brothers and sisters and that we must love one another always," said Gabi. It's nice and very touching Little Gabi. I loved what you said! "We too like what you said Little Gabi, that was beautiful," said Prince.
I continued to ask them a number of good questions pertaining to Life and the true creation of God. And you know what? They are all sincere and honest you can feel their true profound wisdom meaning, (right from wrong). I was amazed with their altruism, love and loyal understanding which adults have lacked for centuries. They are Divine and we must treat them right.
I was having a good time with them all because of the way they treated you, and the way that they spoke to me with full sincerity. They are God's children! 1 asked them too about the clothes they like to wear and here is what they told me. "I'm Little Prince, and I like to wear old clothes, ha ha! My parents asked me if I wanted new and expensive clothes and I told them no and the reason is because my parents have to take care of the house, and me. They also donate money to some organizations to help the poor children."
What about you little cute one, right there in the back seat? "Me?" Yes you sweet one! "Well Brother Pozo, I'm a very shy little girl, but, because we know you really care for us and you know how to love and teach us. I must tell you my name now ok Brother Pozo." Ok Sweet one! "My name is Lilie and I have three brothers," she said. "They call me Little Lee and I like it because it sounds nice, don't you think so Brother Pozo?" Yes, my friend Little Lee, it sounds beautiful!
"Well Brother Pozo, let me tell you and the brothers and sisters here what I like to wear," said Lee. "I like to wear nice clothes with flowers because the flowers represent the harmony of all the colors which means (One Love). Right Brother Pozo?" Yes, my sweet Little Sister Lee you are correct! May God bless you and the others more so that we all can live in peace.
"Oh Brother Pozo I like to wear hats too. My mom bought me a nice one for Christmas." Oh yes! "I don't ask my parents for much because they are nice to me, and they take time as they should to teach me and my brothers the true meaning of life. I love my parents from the heart, Brother Pozo. Do you Brother Pozo?" Gabi asked. I do too always! God bless them all for life!
"Hey Brother Pozo," said Prince. "Yes?" "Do you know how to sing songs?" Yes I do, why?" "Because," Prince went on, "we want you to sing us a nice song. Yes, but don't worry Brother Pozo we will listen to it and will tell you our honest opinion Ok?" Ok my brothers and sisters Ok. Yeah! Don't laugh at me now. "No Brother Pozo, go right ahead," said Gabi. Ok! Here it goes:
Give the children the whole world. Let them all fulfill their God given dreams. Let them all teach us the true way of tomorrow and we'll have a better and lovely world to live in all together! Love the children each and every day. Speak to them as you should speak. Treat them good and fair and show them all the true compassion and the true identity of our pious souls so then we shall see a better and more loving world. Hallelujah!
For our children we must be willing to die, we must let them be beautiful, loving and free and we are going to see the world of tomorrow with the true love and the new thoughts of peace! So give the children the whole world. Let them all teach us their true loving ways, because with their unique smile and their altruism love. We can make a safe and wonder world for the children! Just for the children.-J

"Bravo, bravo, bravo Brother Pozo, bravo!
Do you all like my song? "Yes Brother Pozo, we love it and we want you to teach us how to
sing and write songs so we can bring true peace to the world," the children said together "since some adults have failed for centuries to do it."
"Brother Pozo." Yes? "We want to heal the whole world with children's love and we want to tell our parents: It's time for peace." "Hey Brother Pozo," Yes "Why doesn't anybody help you to establish the 'Happy Glorious Children's Day?" August 10? "I don't know, well Brother 'Pozo," Yes! "Don't worry because we are all going to ask our parents to help you, since we do need a children's day," they said. Oh yeah, you all going to help me with that? "Yes, we will." Thanks, my beloved ones. OK my sweet little brothers and sisters. I promise you all to teach you how to sing and write songs and poetry but you all have to promise me that you will be nice to your parents and will attend school five days of the week, deal? "We pinkie swear Brother Pozo, we pinkie swear!" Alright then. So let us start it right now. "Yes, yes, yes!"
Ok now! listen my sweet loving brothers and sisters. To write good songs and also good poetry, we need to write them from the heart. Thinking about the wonderful creation God has created for us all. God Created us all as good people. Yes! So if we want to write, we must use our loving style, our altruism and our best and excellent manner. Uh mmm!
Let us write one right now ok? "Yes, yes, yes, Ah, ah, ah!"
I'm your true Brother Pozo and I'm not Black or White, I don't even have any color for my skin. When it comes to love it is all from the heart! I'm just me, Brother Pozo, and I love you all for life! See? "Yes, you love people Brother Pozo. We also love you too!"
Little Gabi. "Yes Brother Pozo." I want you to please write a few lines for a poem or a song! "Brother Pozo, yes!" "I never have done this before but because you are teaching us true love and you have showed us the true way of life, to love one another. I will write a few lines for a poem." It's nice of you to do that Little Gabi, Thanks!
Here it is Brother Pozo: "My name is Little Gabi and I just learned how to write and I just wanna tell all our loving and beautiful parents that 'Our Happy Children's Glorious Day' will be lovely and fun!" Amour! Amour! Amour! ha ha! We love it we love it, Little Gabi! We love it,it's beautiful, very very beautiful.'
"Brother Pozo do you like it?" asked Gabi. Oh yeah, it's the most loving, touching poem I ever have listened to. Well, it is getting late now my sweet brothers and sisters and I have to leave now. "Brother Pozo." Yes? "Before you go, we want to ask you something." Oh, little ones what is it?
"Brother Pozo what does your last name Pozo mean?" Oh, ha ha! Well, my last name is Spanish, and my last name means wells. "Wells?" Yes Wells! "Oh! we see why you love us all so much because you have wells of love within your heart! Oh my little ones thanks!
"Brother Pozo." Yes? "We all want to pray before you go, if it's OK with you Brother Pozo?" Oh yes, I do pray too every day! Who will lead the prayer? "Me!" Who is me? "Little Tommy!" Ok Little Tommy, you can lead the prayer, now go ahead!
"God, we thank you for your wonderful creation. We also thank you for our loving parents, our teachers, preachers, pastors, educators, police, doctors, physicians, writers and poets and others. God, we further pray for your Divine protection and we as your own children ask you today to heal the world with true love and peace, teaching us the true and sacred law of this wonderful universe which you created for us to live all in peace and in true harmony. We all thank you God and we say, Amen!"
"Hey Brother Pozo why are you crying?" I don't know! "Don't worry Brother Pozo everything is going to be alright!" Well good-bye my little brothers and sisters.Until next time! "Bye, bye, bye, bye," they all said.

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