Derrick Howard

derrick Howard is mentally ill, one of the thousands within our system who is there simply because there is no longer any treatment for the mentally ill who are poor. Among his diagnosis is post traumatic stress syndrome. We will be gathering his story: Here is his first letter on pdf and then on word.

Derrick Howard
"I  been in prisoner 18 years. My release date is 2/19/27. I  been up for parole t times. I got  a 48 defer one time and then  a 38. I do back to parole some time in 2015.I was charges with 5 counts of reckless endangerment, weapon enhancers 45 years with 513 days sentence credit granted. I got the max penalty.
I got current diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder 309.81, depressive disorder 301.7, antisocial personality disorders 317, mild mental retardation psychological testing"

Thanks for all you do for prisoners
My name is Derrick Howard 261702
Wisconsin Resource Center
I was convicted in 1996 out of Racine
Program needs school
MR day is 2-19-27
MR day is 2041 

Offender Information from DOC below(click to view larger)

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