Terrance Shaw

Terrance Shaw 138254 RCI. PO Box 900; Sturtevant. WI  53177

 Terrance was another of our compassionate release candidates and  is one of the hardest workers I know. He has an opportunity with the Veteran's Hospital to get treatment for the first time for his PTSD and then to take their training to become a mentor for other Viet Nam veterans who are also suffering from this malady. He was one of our compassionate release candidates but was denied. This is another example of the DOC's refusal to take into account the fact that people change.
Terrance Shaw  born 1948, now 70, has been incarcerated since 1982.
This man is a clear example of why we need to change from a revenge model to believing that people change. Terrance was a Viet Nam War veteran with what would now be called PTSD. His crime was horrendous and also he was horrendously ill . He has been in prison for 32 years on a life sentence. According to the statutes in place at the time , he has been eligible for parole since 1995. He has been absolutely sincere in his attempt to redeem himself and we ask that he be given a second chance.
    "When I first came to prison in 1982 I didn't even know my high school fractions, decimals, and percents. But during my first year in prison I got clean and sober and had a Spiritual Awakening. I studied hard for my own personal enrichment to remedy my mathematical deficit and went on to the University of Wisconsin-Extension and got 4-credits in Algebra and 3-credits in Accounting, and became a prison GED math tutor. "

He has also completed a 4 year Bible correspondence course and went on to get his master in Religious studies, doctorate in Bible studies and a PHD in philosophy of religion.He has been accepted for treatment for his PTSD at a veterans hospital and intends to go on to be one of their mentors. He is very anxious to serve and is one of the most earnestly striving people we know.
Why is this man still in prison? We hold more than 2500 prisoners who are eligible for parole and most are rehabilitated. They have all been in prison more than 15 years and most spent much of that time when there was good programming. Many, like Terrance, hold advanced degrees. Now, largely because of the exorbitant health care costs for these elderly prisoners (and Terrance at 66, has multiple health problems), there is little treatment for the mentally ill and few effective programs for anyone.
He has a bright future ahead of him and is very anxious to start the PTSD treatment at the Veteran's hospital and to go on to be a mentor to others with PTSD.

View Terrance's blog   http://terranceshaw.blogspot.com/

Terrance now
Terrance at Arrest

Terrance Shaw has been in prison for 32 years, for murder. He is a Viet Nam veteran and now knows he had  PTSD when he committed his crime although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was not know at the time. He thought he was still in Viet Nam and spent days preparing for an invasion. The ensuing murder was horrendous and Terrance has spent 32 years trying to  make amends.  He still works at and is good at controlling his symptoms, is a model prisoner / He thought he was being attacked by the Viet Kong when he killed that woman and he had prepared for days, dressing up in his uniform and getting all his  Viet Nam armory prepared. One wonders where people in the neighborhood were that they did not call for help when they saw this man acting so strangely.

as we say later in this blog, Terrance has worked very hard over the years to reform himself and the VA has  offered him a place to stay and a place in their PTSD treatment program with hopes that once he has successfully completed the program he can help the vets coming into the program. The catch is that the DOC doesn't parole him although he has long been eligible.

Below are links to the two cases - they are presented in sections
He recommends starting with post conviction appeal , first one below and  moving on to the "brief of the appellant ", the second one here.

  post conviction relief motion: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/r-shaw-postcon-relief-motion-1982-cf-266.pdf
appeal: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/t-shaw-appeal-2016-ap-314.pdf

the second case deals with his claim the the staff knowingly inflicted pain and suffering on him by denying him use of a wheel chair and confiscation of legal property. The Second one below states the facts, the first one tries to present evidence that the entire motivation for denying the wheel chair and confiscating legal materials, was retaliatory- to suppress his lawsuit activities.


and his introduction to all these files

Last here is our original compassionate release application, done 2015. This is a look at the bigger picture and Terrance is the third person applying here. The money savings presented here are not relevant for today, for prisoners now get medicaid or medicare- ( the money saved part we are doing over) but the rest remains the same.There are three applicants here-and the petition was denied saying there is no compassionate release for Old Law prisoners. (Executive order included in the packet shows there is). Since this was filed, Jim Schuman has lost his mother , and Nancy Ezell has developed breast cancer. She had been complaining of breast pain  for months. We hope it is not too late for treatment and will try again to get her out.


GOOD LUCK TO TERRANCE- a valiant and much needed effort!!!

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Terrance Shaw 138254 OSCI (65);PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 543903 Terrance is another man who has devoted himself to self improvement. Mr Shaw has his own blog showing his efforts over the years to rehabilitate himself. I am convinced that this man had PTSD when he committed his crime . He is a Vietnam War vet and was very ill before there was a name for it.

Please sign Terrance Shaw's petition:

Terrance Shaw's Letter to the governor (pages are backwards on this -start with 2nd page-will change soon)

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Prisoner's Lament

I flush the commode
And watch the contents swirl down
Like all the hopes and dreams
Of what my life could have been.

Terrance J. Shaw, #138254
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3310

Terry also has his own blog,with testimony and documents attesting to all he has done to improve himself. Click on :http://terranceshaw.blogspot.com/

My Crime and Successful Treatment
read his story on blogpost

Terry also has his own blog,with testimony and documents attesting to all he has done to improve himself. Click on :http://terranceshaw.blogspot.com/

My Crime and Successful Treatment

In 1981 I raped and murdered a 30-year old woman and was convicted in 1982 to Life plus 20-years in prison, with my first parole eligibility being in 1993. When I first came into the prison system, my Assessment & Evaluation (A&E) specialist determined that I needed to "participate in Sex Offender Treatment (SOT) to learn and understand the dynamics behind my crime, in order for me to lower my risk for parole.”

I was in SOT at WCI for 3-years and in the 2003 SOT Report Summary, "--WCl's Chief SOT Psychologist, Dr. Ankarlo, documented that I-currently have: NO HIGH RISK AREA TREATMENT NEEDS at this time (in 2003). He also wrote in the SOT Program Report that, "Mr. Shaw has benefited greatly from his participation in SOT and has displayed his understanding of the treatment principles in his self-disclosure and feedback." Dr. Ankarlo goes on to state that, "Clinical judgment alone would suggest that he has made sufficient progress in those areas to have completed his SOT need."

So, I figure that since nothing has changed with the severity of my crime since I was convicted and sentenced in 1982, as well as there is no new offense or action to require more treatment than was recommended programming for me at A&E in 1982, I have satisfied the A&E program need requirement recommended for me to lower my risk for parole, and I should be given a Grant for parole anytime after I satisfied the A&E requirement in 2003 with 3-years of SOT at WCI.

But this is not the case. I have seen the parole board 7-times since my 2003 SOT program report and parole says that I still have to "complete" the 3-4 year Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) that wasn't even in existence at the time of my 1982 conviction, sentencing and A&E. I explained to the parole board that I was in the OSCI SOTP from 1997-1999 and was kicked out against my WILL in 1999 after 20-months of SOTP at OSCI for phony reasons/justification, and every time I requested Re-Entry into the SOTP I have been denied Re-Entry by SOTP.

Yet every time I go back up before the parole board each year, the parole board insists/demands that they won't parole me unless I also "complete" the 3-4 year SOTP.
SOTP and the parole board have put me in this phony "Catch-22" situation that is outside of my control. But according to my original A&E recommended program need, to "participate" in SOT to lower my risk for parole, I already did that, so I could/should be already paroled at any time since my EXCELLENT 2003 SOT program report by Dr. Ankarlo at WCI.

The above is an overview of my prison circumstances and parole situation through my past 28-years of incarceration.


I will also relate here my other achievements during my past 28-years of incarceration that the parole board seems to be turning a blind eye to, so I will tell you those particulars about me too.
During my past 28-years of incarceration I only have one major conduct report on my prison record, And I still claim my innocence on that one major conduct report, but I won't go into explaining the particulars of it to you, other than to say it was for "Enterprising," for which I still proclaim that I still maintain my innocence, even though the prison found me guilty (because the foxes are guarding the chicken coop).

When I first came to prison in 1982 I didn't even know my high school fractions, decimals, and percents. But during my first year in prison I got clean and sober and had a Spiritual Awakening. I studied hard for my own personal enrichment to remedy my mathematical deficit and went on to the Univerisity of Wisconsin-Extension and got 4-credits in Algebra and 3-credits in Accounting,and became a prison GED math tutor.

I also took and successfully completed the 4-year Ambassador Bible College correspondence course by Herbert W. Armstrong out of Passadena California. After that I took and successfully completed the 3-year Kenneth S. Hagin's RHEMA Bible College correspondence course out of Tulsa Oklahoma for 60-credits.

Then I want on to get a Master's Degree in Religious Studies, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies, and a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Religion. My Doctoral Dissertation is registered and copyrighted at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Here at OSCI I had a meeting with Chaplain Reinke and let her know that when I am paroled I would like to apply with the WDOC for an Assistant Chaplain's position, since I believe I am called by God -and my religious correspondence courses make me qualified. OSCl's Chaplain Rainke encouraged me, stating that the WDOC currently employs two former inmates as Chaplains. After I get paroled I also plan to volunteer to speak at jails,prisons, churches, or any place that will invite me to speak, about what I was like,what happened, and what I am like now, in hopes that maybe I can humbly reach out to others to help them turn their life around too.

I believe I have credibility with inmates since I have been an inmate myself for 28-years of straight incarceration. I actually have, and am, walking the walk; therefore I am not only qualified, but I have credibility. I can also relate to inmates (anyone) about faith and spirituality in general, even though my personal faith is Christian. Even to atheists, GOD can be considered a Good Orderly Direction.

The circumstances tending to establish my suitability for parole are that I do not possess a violent crime committed while a juvenile; I have a stable social history and a prior (full time) tax paying work record; I have shown remorse; I committed the crime as a result of significant stress in my life and the significant stress built over a long period of time; I lack any significant history of violent crime; this is my only felony and first time in prison; at 60-years old I am now of an age that reduces the probability of recidivism; I have made realistic plans for release, plus I have developed new marketable skills (that accommodate my various aging disabilities) through taking extensive correspondence courses while in prison; and have engaged in institutional activities that indicate an enhanced ability to function within the Law upon release.

Here, I have shown uncontradicted evidence of my rehabilitation and there is no other evidence that I currently posses a danger to society. My current behavior during my many years since my offense, and my current mental state, demonstrate that my past offense is no longer a realistic indicator of my "current" dangerousness.

I have engaged in extensive rehabilitation through the WDOC and on my own for my own personal enrichment, gained insight into my offense, expressed remorse, and made realistic parole plans. Mere recitation of the circumstances of the commitment offense, fails to provide the required "modicum of evidence" of unsuitability for release on parole. However, the WDOC parole board still refuses to parole me, and even raises new roadblocks to block my parole.

Details of conduct report for those who are interested: As an added point of interest, I was sent from here at OSCI to WCI in 2000 on a bogus conduct report when they found me guilty and gave me 8 and 180 days in the hole here and then sent me back to maximum security at Waupun after they made me do the hole time first. A jailhouse lawyer in Waupun subsequently got that bogus conduct report reversed in outside court so the WDOC had to expunge it from my prison file/record. It took about 18 months to accomplish it, but by then I had been on the WCI Sex Offender Treatment (SOT) waiting list for some time and had been admitted/entered into the SOT program at WCI by the time that bogus conduct report was reversed and expunged,
so when the Program Review Committee (PRC) at WCI was going to send me back to medium security here at OSCI, I requested to stay at WCI so I could continue to participate in their SOT program, and WCI PRC let me stay there in the program for a total of 3-years in the SOT program at Waupun before they sent me back to medium security here at OSCI in 2004.

The reason,I believe they get away with the tyranny that is perpetrated against inmates by some prison staff, unbeknownst to the public, is because there is a definite need for prisons and incarceration because there are definitely some dangerous and distorted inmates in prison that the public needs to be protected from. So under the disguise of justified security and half the inmates crying wolf, the prison staff can get away with banking inmates on bogus stuff behind the closed doors of the prison system and nobody on the outside realizes it and doesn't want to believe the system they pay for with their tax dollars has corrupt elements within it.

It is easier for the public to agree with John Walsh on Americas Most Wanted and "Get those scum bags off the street." And at the same time, there are also some fine, professional and ethical Staff working in the prison system too. It's only the corrupt element that I and others try to expose and defend against. I didn't want to talk about bad prison staff without also acknowledging there are good prison staff in here too.

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