Woodrow Ingram

Woodrow Ingram 179334                                                 
Fox Lake Correctional Institution(FLCI)
Woodrow Ingram
birth date 3 17 1964, 55  now

Answers from Questionaire
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1)was 26 when incarcerated. Has been in prison 27 years

2)Offense: 3 counts of armed Robbery

3)sentence was 39 years

4)MR Date:October 22, 2020

5)19 programs taken ( see pdf doc below) and pictures

6)Number of parole hearings; has seen parole 14 times and was denied.  (36,24,24,11,11,9,9,9,9,24,12,11,8, and my last parole hearing I was given mandatory release of 1 year, 8 months.

7)reasons  for denial:Not enough time served, risk to the public, institution conduct- only 3 Conduct reports

8)Support: 6 sisters living in Atlanta, Georgia. Will go there.
Woodrow Ingrams' Sisters in Alabama

thank you for apology letter to victims

HSED requirement done

post from 2015

Woodrow Ingram 179334
 SCI 100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768

"I have been incarcerated for 23 years, since 1992, for 3 counts of  armed robbery and 1 count of attempted robbery. I received 3X13years for the 3 counts of armed robber, which is 39 years. I also received 10 years probation for attempted robbery. I only have 5 years before my M.R. date and I have only received 3 major conduct reports, and 7 minors out of 23 years that I have been incarcerated. No one was injured or hurt in my crime. I thank God for that. There are so many lifers, and other people who have been released sentenced with more time than I have, and most of them have not served more time than I have."

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