Jerry Curry sentenced to 135 years at age 18

Jerry Curry 254136; CCI
birth year 1977, 41y.o.

Jerry was waived into adult court at 17 and give 135 years
He was also diagnosed with a mental illness
Served 18 years this far

Attempted homicide , robbery and attempted robbery

Has completed HSED and a vocational college course

MR date is 2086 and has not seen the parole board

He has a verifiable support system.

“I was waive into adult court at 17 and been in prison ever since. I am 36 and no where near the same person I was 18 years ago. I’ve did every program and took every class asked of me by the judge and the DOC . Now I am basically just sitting here doing nothing but after 18 years what more could I do? I have a binder full of diplomas with no one to show them to.”

Was sentenced to 135 years at age 18. .

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