Greg Miller

Gregory Miller 051300; OSCI; PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 54903

Although after all these years, Gregory is eligible for parole he is still trying to clear his name.  Here Gregory Miller states his case for Innocence

Here is his parole information:
1.  Name and Number: Gregory T. Miller #051300
2.  Current prison: Oshkosh Correctional Institution
3.  Date of conviction: October 13, 1995
4.  Offense description: 1st Degree Reckless Homicide - Party To A Crime - 40 years maximum.
5.  A&E Assessed program needs: AODA, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, and Vocational.
6.  MR/PMR date: June 28, 2021
7.  Original parole eligibility date: October 27, 2004.
8.  Number of parole deferments: Five
9.  Official reason for denial/deferment: Did not take AODA program and sometimes not enough time for severity of the crime.
Do you have a verifiable support system: YES! 

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