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Born In 1951, Ron Schilling is now 64 and has been incarcerated since 1976, 39 plus years. He killed a man during a drug deal gone bad. He has never shied away from taking responsibility for his crime and has served his time well, staying clear of major conduct reports and earning several advanced degrees while PELL Grants were still available. He is a fine musician, poet and litigator and an inspiration to those around him.
       Ron was granted parole by former Parole Chairman Leonard Wells until he became a victim of the new tough on crime rhetoric that cost him his parole and Leonard Wells his job. Since then, he has been back and forth from Minimum to Medium security and is transferred without a word on why, and is convinced there is retaliation going on.
        Ron Schilling is an Old-Law prisoner and was eligible for parole after serving 13-1/2years . There is no good reason why we are wasting taxpayer money on entombing this man and the more than 2500 others who are eligible and rehabilitated.
         Below is a quote by Ron's Social Worker at Jackson Correctional Institution, written in support of his parole bid in 2000: "Mr Schilling has a keen mind and a good heart. If he is not a successful candidate for restoration to the community, then no one on my caseload could possibly be!"
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Ron was convicted when a life sentence meant 13 and 1/2 years. He has been to the parole board many times and ironically was granted parole by former parole chairman Leonard Wells back in the early 200's, only to have it whisked away a few weeks later. Mr Wells was fired for paroling too many prisoners. Time to release old law prisoners like RON Schilling. He still has good years to live and deserves them.

This man has several degrees, garnered when there were Pell grants Prisoners could get. He has become deeply spiritual, is  a fine litigator and wonderful musician.

Ron With his late mother

Ron is one of the first people I met doing this work and is indicative of the waste of present policies. He has been going to parole hearings since the late 80's. He was a Viet Nam veteran and on a destructive path after the war so prison may have saved his life , but he is a changed men and he continues to grow spiritually and helps all those around him . The waste that this  man is not among us in heartbreaking
Please sign Ron's petition:.
Here is a recommendation for parole written by a volunteer writing teacher

Read his story of a drug deal went bad,written a few years ago .
Also, this is the First Blog FFUP did- Ron's parole story and case plus a wonderful introduction to the whole parole mess. on blogger
Case summary, done recently pdf

Letter to Angad Bdalla of Time of Day Media

New York is taking the lead in giving second chance to those ready for parole. Here is something that perhaps WI can follow.
                    Summary of NY legislation to clarify and make parole procedure fairer 

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