Jack Bailey

Jack Bailey 16683; JCI; PO Box 233; Black River Falls, WI 54615
Jack Bailey and his Patricia

Jack is 74, has been in prison for almost 50 years. He is still trying to prove his innocence. We however, are pushing for parole for the over 3000 prisoners stuck in the system and are working on getting this man compassionate release. He has served enough time. 

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Anonymous said...

Jack is absolutely not innocent. I have many facts--all the ones he left out. It would help him if he would show true contrition for the murder of an innocent seven year old girl who died at his hands. It's hard to imagine anyone would let him out before he both admitted to what he did and expressed genuine sorrow for it. I traveled to meet with him and spent two hours with him. I gave him ample opportunity. He refuses at every turn. He even says himself that if he had admitted to what he did, he would be out by now. So there is no reason to feel sorry for him. Signed: his victim's brother, Ron Ahnen