Robert Taylor

Robert R. Taylor 181190
Foxlake Correctional inst.
PO Box 200 ;Fox Lake, WI 53933 
  Sentenced to 50 years for robbery, no one go hurt. Has been in prison for 19 years. Has son who just
 finished high school and is still waiting to get to know his father.

Conviction date: June 25th 1998

Convicted of: PTAC party to a crime/ Robbery

Program need:AODA

MR and PMR :MR 10-07-42   PMR 2068

First parole eligibility:8-8-2000

How many defers: two

Official reasons for defers: You have Not served sufficient time for punishment/Your institutional conduct has Not been satisfactory/Release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public

“I was convicted in 1996 for PTAC party to a crime of Robbery. I was a driver for two persons that robbed a credit union.
No one got hurt, and I am not justifying the robbery, I just want to point out that both co-defendant got ten years and I got fifty years. I have did all that the dept. of correctional have asked of me and more, yet I am still behind bars 19 years later, whereas the other two have been at home 16 years now and I am still behind bars.”

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