CHarles Blunt

Charles Blunt #250062
Prison where located:
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 54903
Age when arrested:
23yrs old  Age now: 40yrs old Crimes convicted of :
1st degree reckless homicide-possession of a firearm by a felon
Total Sentence:40yrs
Mandatory release date :11-3-2025
Date first eligible for parole:2-17-2009
Number of parole hearings:3
Reason for denying parole:
1.  Your program participation has not been satisfactory.
2.  Release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the
3.  You have not served sufficient time for punishment. Programs/Courses taken during incarceration:
CGIP 1&2, Anger management, vocational program: woodtech. Other evidence of rehabilitation:
Feed my starving children mobile pack event(giving back to the community event).
Challenges and Possibilities class
Employability Skills
Life Coping Skills
Disciplinary History while Incarcerated:
26 minors & 2 major, most recent in 2013 but reprimanded, before that 2008 a minor for unauthorized transfer of property.
Paragraph of myself:
  My name is Charles Blunt and I'm 40yrs old. I have been incarcerated for 16yrs. I was 23yrs old when I came to Prison. I'm currently serving a 40yr sentence for first degree reckless homicide-possession of a firearm by a felon. When I came to prison I was young and had no direction in my life. Growing up in the streets of Milwaukee and hanging with the wrong groups led me to make decisions that eventually led me to prison. My life was headed in the fast lane making wrong choices everyday. On Feb.4th 1999 I began my 40yr sentence. While in prison I grow up to be a man and take responsibility for my actions and the crime I have committed. Taking back the crime that I have committed is only a selfless thought as I have grown into a man I have come to terms with my crime and excepted my responsibility While in prison I have seen my two children grow up without me. I have tried to teach them through letters and visits to make the right decisions and to always think about the consequences that come behind every decision they make no matter how small the decision is. Both of my children graduated from high school and have children of their own.
    I have been serving my sentence for my crime, but it seems that I might not go home. Every time I go before the parole board I hear the same thing. I have been doing everything that the parole board tells me to do. I have stayed out of trouble during my incarceration I have been working on my rehabilitation as you can see on page one. I have two more programs to complete, but I need the parole board to endorse me into those two programs. I might be one of the few prisoners that don't want to go home yet just go to a minimum to make some money to have for release. I would like to pay my own way and not depend on my family to help me. I have talked to the parole board and PRC here about my plans for program. The parole board tells me it's up to PRC and PRC tells me it's up to the parole board. These are the games this two committees play with old law inmates. I see the parole board in Jan. of 2016 and hope of an 11 month defer with an endorsement into my programs so that I can begin my reintegration back into society.
  In closing I hope that this letter will help the Old Law inmates. Exposing the games that the Department of Corrections plays with keeping inmates locked up past their sentences and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars that could be used for other programs to help our youth stay out of trouble and stay out of prisons. I hope and pray that this new parole commissioner makes changes to the PAC1 and helps save Wisconsin millions in over spending on inmates who have been rehabilitated for years.
   I thank you for your time in this cause-Please feel free to contact me for any further information you might need.
Charles Blunt #250062

You were seen today for parole consideration for case 99CFR40 Ct#1 1st degree reckless Homicide and ct#2,.
 Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Your MR date for this case is 11‑3‑25 and your PED date is 3‑3‑14. This is a PMR case in which you have now served approximately 14 years and 10 months on a 40 year sentence, noting that you have also served time during this incarceration for 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Interfere with Firefighting. According to the record the index case from 2‑4‑99, involved you (while on parole supervision / Grant date 12‑9‑97) shooting your girlfriend in the head, resulting in her death. It is noted that you had been drinking and arguing when you pulled out a handgun from under a mattress and shot her one time in the head. You then fled the residence and hid the gun in a snowbank. You admit to the behavior, but claim that this was an accident. You state that the revolver had a bullet in the chamber, so you spun the revolver and then pulled the trigger not expecting that it would fire. At 38 years of age this is your 2nd incarceration and you have a lengthy assaultive criminal record, noting a juvenile adjudication for a
gun case and an allegation from a previous revocation that you had held a gun to a mans head. Your conduct while incarcerated includes 25 minor and 2 major CR's with the last major (Unauthorized Communication) occurring on 4‑22­02. You have unmet essential treatment needs of AODA (Wait List) and Domestic Violence (Wait List) each of which you have expressed an interest in completing prior to release. To your credit you have completed the CGIP (9‑11‑03) and Anger Management programs (2‑28‑00). Your release plan notes that you would like to live with your daughter. This may
be workable, but will need your agent's approval when time frames are more appropriate. Based on the nature and severity of the case, the senseless taking of a life, the fact that you have unmet treatment needs and a poor history on community supervision (prior revocations in 1994, 1996 and 1999).it is clear that you continue to present as an unreasonable risk and that more time is warranted so as not to depreciate the severity of your offending behaviors and therefore the decision by the Commission will be to defer your case for 24 months.

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