Lester stevens

Lester stephens
250546; FLCI
I was convicted of first degree intentional homicide .  After an argument with my ex-girlfriend, we struggled with my gun and it went off. I received life and I’ve served 22 years. I first saw parole in 2006 and received a 36 month defer ,the next was a 24 month defer, the next a 18 month defer and this 15 month defer I’m just coming off. 
I completed
ADOA ( primary)
Domestic violence
Restorative Justice Program-graduated
Masonry skills I and II-received certificate
Custodial services- received diploma (Moraine Park)
Small business training-Received diploma ( Moraine Park)

I’ve learned to type and would love to better myself in any way possible, but the institution limits what we can do, because if you have one vocation under your belt it’s almost impossible for you to take another.

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