Tommie Thames-juvenile offender asking for one chance

Tommie Thames 297592
John C. Burke Correctional Center, PO Box 900; Waupun, WI 53963
birth year 1977, 41 y.o.
  Tommie Thames was 17 years old when he was waived into adult court. He and a friend had been drinking and plying with gun in the basement. The gun went off, killing the friend and Tommie frantically tried to hide the body. It is 21 years later- can we give him a second chance? 
Tommie's story and Parole decision below and in pdf file.  

Tommie with his mother

Parole decision:
You were seen today for parole consideration for case 95CF1 165 Ct # 1, 1st Degree Reckless Homicide with use of a Dangerous Weapon and Ct # 2, Attempted 1st Degree Intentional Homicide with use of a Dangerous Weapon. Your MR date for this case is 10-12-41 and your PED date is 8-11-14, noting that this is a PMR case in which you have now served approximately 19 years and 4 months on a 70 year sentence. Consecutive to this sentence is a term of probation for Ct #3, Mutilating a Corps. According to the record this case involved you, a co-actor and the victim together in a basement consuming alcohol / marijuana and brandishing guns. You and the victim had been pointing the guns at each other and pretending to shoot each other when you shot the victim in the head. You were afraid to go to prison, so you
and the co-actor put the victim in the truck of a car and drove around looking for an open garage to place the body. When you found the desired location, you put the victim on the floor in the garage and shot him again to put him to him rest. You and the co-defendant then left the garage and went to you respective homes. Later that night after having a conversation with your co-actor you decided to burn the victims body to destroy any possible evidence. You
subsequently went back to the garage where you had left the victims body and poured gasoline on the victim and set him on fire. You admit to these behaviors and tearfully accept responsibility claiming that you were afraid to go to jail and were influenced by your Co-actor to try to cover up the crime. At 37 years of age this is your 1st incarceration yet you have a significant juvenile record. Your conduct while incarcerated includes 5 minor and 2 major CR's with the last major occurring on 12-11-00. You have no unmet essential treatment needs, noting that none were identified for you. To your credit you have completed your HSED and two Vocational programs including working with the Service Dog program. Your release plan notes that you would like to live with your mother. This may be workable, but will need your agent's approval when time frames are more appropriate. Based on the nature and severity of the case and the tragic  loss of it is clear that more time is warranted so as not to depreciate the seriousness of the crime and therefore the decision by the commission will be to defer you case for 18 months.
Note: Today's interview included victim participation via video. In attendance was a member of the victims family and a member of the Office of Victim Services.

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