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1.     On 1.7.1993, the date of the homicide of Anthony First, Plaze Anderson, the friend of Anthony, was the first person to implicate Marvin Wilson and Fradarlo Brim by saying that Montae Hudson told him they done it.
2.     On the same day, Montae said he was with Anthony but did not see who shot because he went between two houses to urinate.
3.     Six months later, Marvin was arrested in Paducah, KY. When questioned, he said he was in Milwaukee for his aunt' birthday party which was the same day.
4.     At the preliminary hearing, the D.A. produced as affidavit alleging Marvin made it to Inv. Bill Warmington. The affidavit alleged Marvin said he shot at Anthony from two houses away and that Montae, who was with Anthony, ran up to Anthony and shot Anthony two times close range. The affidavit further alleged the guns were thrown in the sewer by Latopitia Restaurant.
S. What's wrong with this picture is the affidavit is manufactured by police. For six months police wanted Montae to affirm what Plaze had told them but he didn't because it wasn't true. So police allege Marvin put Montae's name in an affidavit to scare Montae into blaming Marvin and Fradario to save his own life from a wrongful conviction. This was only a ruse manufactured
by police. Because it makes no sense for Montae to have been with Anthony but shoots Anthony with Marvin and stay at the scene. If Marvin was guilty, the affidavit would allege the facts or at least what the D.A. theorized. Further if the affidavit were true, the D. A. would have charged Montae. But he didn't because they know it was a ruse manufactured by police.
6.     The D.A. said and facts prove everything in the affidavit was false. The D.A. argued Marvin and Fradario did it - the affidavit says Marvin and Montae. The D.A. said Marvin shot Anthony close range in the head —the affidavit says Montae shot him close range. The D.A. argued the guns were thrown in the sewer by Latopitia Restaurant. The truth is, the sewers were pumped clean, sewage raked through and no guns were found. So this affidavit was only a ruse designed to scare Montae and get a conviction. Marvin didn't make the affidavit.
7.     The affidavit only consisted of 7 vague sentences on one page even though it was enough room on the page for signatures. However, Marvin and Inv. Warmington's signatures are on a separate piece of paper. Warmington told Marvin this was a waiver form. Marvin only said he was in Milwaukee at the time for his aunt's birthday party.
8.     When this affidavit did not get the desired results, the D.A. charged Montae with attempted homicide against Marvin's cousin Leonta Willis even though Montae was not the shooter and Leonta wasn't shot. This was another scare tactic to get Montae to affirm what Plaze had told police. Eventually Montae made an affidavit affirming what Plaze said and the D.A. dropped the attempted homicide charge. Though at Fradario's trial Montae plead the fifth and did not testify to the lie Plaze told police.
9.  Another ruse was an alleged audio tape the D.A. claimed Marvin willingly made in Kentucky. In this alleged tape the D.A. claims Marvin said Montae ran up to Anthony and shot him in the stomach. If this is the case and this is supposed to be a confession - on top of all of the known facts, the D.A., judge and defense counsel can see this is a false confession i.e. manufactured. An alleged confessor confessing to things that are not true makes this a false confession in both alleged confessions. Facts such as Anthony being shot in the head not the stomach, no guns in the sewer where the alleged confessor said they would be, Fradario and not Montae being an alleged accomplice makes this not a true confession but manufactured evidence. According to u.s. law these inconsistencies should have made the judge throw the case out. This is similar to the Central Park Jogger case where police manufactured evidence against 6 innocent youth by way of false evidence and fed information. But the D.A. and judge didn't throw out Marvin's case because Anthony's family works for the city of Racine and his dad has served in the u.s. military for over 20 years at the time Marvin was fighting the case.
10..The alleged confession tape was never heard in court. Marvin's lawyer asked for it and the D.A. gave him a blank tape. At a later hearing Marvin's lawyer told the judge that the D.A. 'gave him a tape with a conversation on it.' And assured him that there is an actual tape 'with words on it.' But what words?
11..Due to the above ruses Marvin's lawyer advised that the case was unbeatable so plead no-contest to a lesser charge of second degree intentional homicide self-defense. And possession of a firearm by a felon even though no gun was found in relation to this case. Marvin's lawyer said he would get no time on count land maybe a couple of years on count 2. Pleading no-contest and how the lawyer presented it seemed like a good deal. Because Marvin was supposed to get no time on count 1. The 939.50 stat. shows how much time he faced on each count. There was no 939.50 stat on count 1, thus no time. But it showed 939.50 3 (e) on count 2 meaning he only faced 2 years. At the plea hearing his lawyer told him to just answer yes when the judge asked him questions. At one point Marvin tried to refute the charges and the lawyer cut him off to keep him going along with the plea plot.
12.Marvin had several eyewitnesses from Milwaukee to prove his whereabouts but his lawyer chose not to fight the case and chose to rely on the false evidence the D.A. gave.
13.On direct appeal Marvin was forced pro se. The hearing was 1.21.2000. Marvin explained how he was framed and the D.A. and court reporter left the courtroom to 'check the record'. They came back and said MaMn was not arrested on 7.23.1998 but on 7.24.1998 so he had to be lying about being framed by Paducah police Phil Lewzar and Doug Abernathy. The D.A. was saying if these police weren't part of the arrest and the arrest was on 7.24.1998 and they weren't working, then Marvin is lying. But they were working on 7.23.1998, the actual date of arrest and they did manufacture evidence. Marvin has 8 pieces of evidence with their names on it with 7.23.1998 as the arrest date. And in his direct appeal was an exhibit with that same date but the judge went along with the D.A. without the D.A. even producing any physical evidence. This is proof of them all taking advantage of a prose litigant.
14.This is another showing of a manufactured case. It is required that a full transcript of that hearing is made so that the next court can see what took place. But the judge only gave an excerpt of the hearing, taking out everything Marvin said. This is completely illegal. It was done to hide the truth. And at one point they said Marvin wasn't at the hearing, so that is why there is no record of what he said. But that is a lie. There are 4 lines that were not erased that says 'defendant' where Marvin is answering the judge.
15.Fradario was acquitted. He sent Marvin his discovery. In it was evidence Marvin never had. It mentioned a tape. Marvin asked Fradario about it and he said it was ofTomicca Duffy saying Marvin was in Milwaukee at the time. This is the tape 'with words on it' that the D.A. had but made it look like something else. The written statement of Tomicca also has 7.23.1998 as the arrest date. Fradario's discovery had a store surveillance video of Plaze Anderson who came in the store saying he just "seen" his friend Anthony get shot in the head. But in all other reports Plaze says he was not there, that Montae had told him. Further, it says Plaze killed Anthony over money owed to him by Anthony. Plaze was the first person to implicate Marvin under the guise that Montae told him. But told police not to let Montae know he told them that. It could not have been true then that Montae told him that. Plaze placed blame on Marvin first to eliminate himself as a suspect. The store owner said Plaze said he seen his friend get shot in the head. He knew what part of the body Anthony was shot in whereas in every piece of evidence the D.A. said Marvin allegedly gave, Marvin doesn't get the body part right - he allegedly says the stomach. These facts can't be made up. This is proof of a manufactured case.
16.A witness came forwards saying Plaze kidnaped him because of what he saw on 1.7.1998. He said Plaze attempted to kill him, he was shot but got away. Plaze later paid him a large sum of money to remain mute on both incidents and to let Marvin's conviction go ahead.
17.Marvin is an innocent man in prison. The legal system is full of technicalities that prevents Marvin's release. The 'system' and people that work for it are more concerned with its appearance of fairness, laws, time limits and procedures instead of Truth, Justice and Innocence. These are just some of the facts. There are many more.
18.If you can help in any way it will be appreciated. Contact Marvin at: Marvin D. Wilson, 297343, NICI, P.O. Box 4000, New Lisbon, Wi. 53950.

-Police reports say Darrel RoIlin9 (DEE) called Anthony First over to his house at 6:15p.m. to 'kick it'. Anthony (the victim) arrives at 6:20 with Montae Hudson. In the span of 5 minutes Darrel says as Anthony (known as Apache in reports) arrived he (Darrel) is leaving with Mikisha Barker to go to somewhere unknown. While Darrel leaves Anthony in his house alone with his girlfriend, Roshelle Barker, Darrel leaves with Mikisha and gets as far as the corner and hears gunshots. He turns around, he says, because his kids are in the house, and finds Anthony bleeding.
-People are questioned about what happened. Darrel's girlfriend, Roshelle, says no one was in the house besides her and Anthony - no kids. The car 'Darrel says' Anthony arrived in was owned by Stanly Eggerson. Stanly said Dee (Darrel) was driving his car, he was going to sell it to Quick (Plaze Anderson). Darrel, Anthony and Plaze were all friends. Inv. Soderberg asked who had the keys to the Blue Cutlass Darrel says Anthony arrived in. Darrel says that he has them. Now if Darrel's story is true that Anthony was driving the Blue Cutlass, then why does he have the keys and why does Stanly say he (Darrel) was driving his car because he was go sell it to Quick? Darrel's answer is, he moved the Blue Cutlass that Anthony was allegedly driving out of the driveway because it was blocking in Mikisha's car. What's wrong with this theory is, if Anthony was really driving the Cutlass and Darrel only drove it out of the driveway, shouldn't Darrel have given the keys back before he had left with Mikisha in her car? Why is Darrel trying to distance himself from the Cutlass by saying Anthony drove it over to his house and he only drove it to move it out of the driveway so Mikisha could move her car and the owner, Stanly, says he (Darrel) was driving his car? Shouldn't the owner know who was driving his car? And still Darrel should not still have the keys if he left with Mikisha in her car.
-Darrel was beaten up at the funeral of Anthony. He was accused of having something to do with Anthony's death. Police still used him as a witness to build a case against Marvin Wilson and Fradario Brim. In one interview Darrel accused Marvin and his younger cousin Leonte Willis. In a different one Darrel accuses Marvin, Leonte and Fradario. And in another report Darrel says it was 4 shooters. He didn't say who the fourth person was though. Most other reports from other witnesses said it was only 2 shooters and that they were 'tall'- 67'. Marvin is about 5'9", Fradario and Leonte are about 5,10", 6' respectively.
-A drug addict named Marian Adams said in three reports that she didn't see what had happened. She said she was in her house in one report. Then thought that the shots were coming from the alley in another. And that 'people on the streets were saying it was "Dario'. She finally blamed Marvin and a figment of her imagination. The figment's name was Dee, 5'6" with a high-top fade haircut.( The other Dee (Darrel) is about 6'3".) Now recall this is 1998, the high-top fade had died out in 1994/95. It's back now but it didn't exist in 1998. Adams knows Marvin by face and she knows Brim but she did not accuse him at his trial. Also in the reports that Marian says she didn't see anything, she says that Anthony is her cousin. Now if she really seen Marvin shoot Anthony, she would have told the police the first 3 times she was interviewed since Anthony is her cousin. Talk arouse that Plaze had given Marian some money and drugs to blame Marvin. She didn't blame Fradarlo in reports, nor in a photo lineup or at his trial. She only said, 'people on the streets were saying it was Dario." So she didn't see it. And when pressed by police about this, she too, like Darrel, added another shooter, saying his back was to her but she didn't see his face.
-A witness that was never heard from is Open Pantry store owner Randy Kong. Randy said Plaze came in the store saying that he had just 'seen' his friend get shot in the head. But in all other reports Plaze says he wasn't there. There is a store surveillance tape of this. It may have other potential witnesses that overheard Plaze saying this. The-police report to this says the subject, Plaze, in this video is 67'. Plaze was the first person to accuse Marvin under the guise that Montae had told him. But out of Fradario's discovery is the above and reports saying Plaze killed Anthony over money owed to him by Anthony. Another where an anonymous female caller said she was just at a residence on Franklin and people said "Quick" had something to do with it.
-The police raided Marvin's aunt Veronica house in Racine. They found .22 caliber bullets. They say that Anthony was shot with a 9mm and 357 (or big 38). No 9mm, 357 or 38 caliber bullets were found at this residence. When Marvin was arrested in Paducah, KY 6 months later an unloaded .22 revolver was found in the house. No other weapons, nor bullets.
-At the preliminary hearing Marvin was taken out of the courtroom and Darrel was brought in to testify. This is totally illegal. Marvin called his family after the hearing and his aunt Veronica told him "Dee" testified and described what he looked like.
-Plaze, Darrel and Marian all know Marvin had nothing to do with this case. The police, specifically, Bill Warmington, know this also. All of their stories fall apart and are questionable. Plaze is the first person to blame Marvin, possibly to throw police off of him as a suspect because 3 reports that blamed him were not in Marvin's discovery but they are all dated 1-7-1998, the date of the homicide. So they existed from day one but was not in Marvin's discovery. Darrel's story changed every time he spoke to the police. He went from 2,3 then 4 people being involved. Once saying Leonte had on a black coat then Fradario had the black coat and leonte had a white one. Then saying Fradario had on the white coat. Warmington even asked him to clarify this and he got flustered. Black and white are like night and day. Two totally different things. And Marian says 3 times she seen nothing and in the first interview she said Anthony was her cousin. If she seen Marvin do this, she would have told the first time. And this 5'6" Dee with the high-top fade is never found because he only exist in her mind.
Marvin is innocent and needs help. If you can help him, contact him at: Marvin D. Wilson, NLCI, P.O. Box 4000, New Lisbon, WI 53950
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