Return Eric Rivera to his family

Eric has served 17 years of a 45 year sentence for reckless homicide and reckless endangering safely. He is given the stock reason for no parole- he needs to transition to a minimum facility ( where there are no openings.)
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 Below are photos of his supportive family


Name: Eric Rivera
Number: 302971
age : 35
prison and address:
·         Fox Lake Correctional Institute, W10237 Lake Emily Road, P.O. Box 147, Foxlake, WI. 53933-0147
age when crime committed:
·         March 1998
·         45 yrs
age now:
·         35
years in prison:
·         17 years
Convicted of :
·         1st degree reckless homicide
·         1st degree recklessly endangering safety
how many parole hearings: 4
reasons for denial:
He was told that he needed to go down on security risk from medium to minimum,
programs, courses taken&other evidence of rehabilitation.
·         HSED
·         Anger management
·         AODA
·         Production welding
·         Anger Management
·         CGIP 1&2 (cognitive general intervention program)
·         Creating new choices
·         Rational Emotive Behavior
·         Turning Point 1,2,3
·         Restored Justice
·         Academic Classes general curriculum
·         College success
·         MATC correspondence college courses 2011-2012
·         Occupation and Communication
·         Workplace success
·         Teach the Teacher program—Gang Prevention

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