Efrain Compos has come a long way

Efrain Compos 0374541
CCI, PO Box 900 
Portage, WI 53901

Age when crime was committed: 18 years old during the commission of the crimes.
 Age now: 34
I was subsequently arrested approximately one month after my 18th birthday.
Years sentenced to prison: 70 years.
Convicted of: 11 Counts of Armed Robbery, 2 1st Degree Endangering Safety while armed with a deadly weapon.
Date eligible for parole: June 2016.  
How many parole hearings: None
Programs, Courses taken & other evidence of rehabilitation: Turning Point 1 September 2002, Turning Point 2 November 2002, Turninq Point 3 March 20038, HSFD Civics October 2002, Employability Skills October 200201 HSED Diploma December 2003, Castle of the pearl September 2003, Anger Management May 2003, Business Basics November 2005, Legal Assistance- Paralegal Diploma May 2007, Criminology Diploma 2008, Restorative Justice April 2009, Custodial Services Diploma
October 2012, Bible Study Courses January 2011­2012, Carrie Guides Bits 2015- Ongoing,
Analyzing Your Thinking 2015, Thoughts & Feelings December 2014, Anger Past and Present 2015- Ongoing.
Paragraph on myself:

I committed these horrible crimes in 1999 at the age of 18 The day I turned 18 and a month after, I went on a robbing spree, I robbed people of not only their money but I robbed them of their sense of safety and their sense of mental and emotional strength. As a young minded individual i was ensnared into a life style of crime, drugs, and violence, as well as, gangs. I was to afraid to turn back, to afraid to ask for help. Because of my actions, I was arrested and sentenced to d 70 year prison term. I will be 35 in January 2016. I was a kid easily influenced, ignorant, and under developed, as well as, just plain dumb, I cannot say I AM SORRY, enough and I will spend the rest of my life making amends for my behavior. As a man today who understands the seriousness behind his action and one who has found God in his life, I am no longer impressionable to the street life. Today, I have the strength to turn back and seek help, and I will do everything in my power to continue doing better.

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