Woodrow Guiden

Mr. Woodrow Guiden #007444
 OakHill Correctional Institution P.0.Box 933
Oregon, WI 53575

Profile sent in 2014/ update coming soon

TO: Forum for Understanding Prisons [FFUP]
(1-name and number) Woodrow Guiden #007444
(2.current prison) OakHill Correctional Institution
(3.date of conviction) 1975
(4.offense description) First Degree Murder
(5.assessed program needs) Did all programs needs
(6.mr/pmr date) No MR
(7.original parole eligibity date) I was released on parole in 1992 I violated my parole and was returned back to prison 2003. I have done everything that has been asked of me.
(8.number of parole deferments) First hearing 2009 and these are the defer­ments I received: llm, lOm, 7m, 7m, 6m. Then the republicans came into office and from my understanding, Scott Walker, had the parole commissioners give all the old times higher defers, the next time I went to a parole hearing they gave me a 12in, 12m, and my next hearing is April 2014
(9. official reason for denial/deferment) My past history of incarceration (10.do I need help finding a place to stay) No I have family to go to
(1l.conduct reports) I have no conducts reports at all
(12.skills) Custodial Services,Foundry modeler,Trade home improvement,and painter of houses
(hard ship) My mother pasted away since I have been incarcerated and my youngest brother pasted away.
(change) There has been a huge change in my life: I am 65 years old, African American. There was a time I had no book knowledge or understood this life of mine. I read at least 2 books a month, most about black history.
I have always believed they are not following the law when it comes to being under the old law.
This is what I have to say about how they see some of us: They know anybody
65 years or older do not have crime on their minds or in their heart. There is no - reason for them to keep older prisoners past 65 years.
There is another thing I can't hardly believe: How is it that this little state called Wisconsin, have more black men incarcerated in prison than any state in the union? If I didn't have any eyes i could see what they are doing to the African American men,in the state of Wisconsin,and it's nothing good....
Woodrow Guiden

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Queen Mae said...

Mr Guiden should be released now. He has served more than enough time for the so called crime. He has a family , three sons, two daughters and a fiancee. I truly believe he has a renewed sense of responsibility towards society. He has completed all programs offered while serving his time in prison. At his age 68, i am sure he has no intentions of commiting a crime or endangering any ones life or well being. He is a responsible, hard working, caring man. His family truly needs him in their lives. if at all possible, please please release this man !!