Randy Behnke Innocent and will not lie

note: FFUP has often found that the people who have the most difficult time in our prisons are those consider themselves innocent(whether they are or not, FFUP is not in the position to say). The DOC does not consider the innocent option and at every turn impedes progress. Below, Randy Behnke is refused programming because he will not admit guilt. In our view, he has well served his time  and is eligible for parole and should be out.

 Randy Behnke 113946
RCI, Po Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 531778
birth year 1961, 58y.o.

statement 2016:
          I’ve been prison for 22 years 4 months for a crime I didn’t commit. Parole will not parole me. The DOC will not allow me to complete my programs to earn parole because I cannot admit to a crime I did not commit.
         My MR is coming up October 18. Parole commission informed me he is recommending my PMR charge be enforced which adds 5 years 4 months to 2018 October. This is not my fault, never has been, my conduct is good no tickets so I just keep being punished for a domestic situation with my girl friend in 1994 which was all conjecture.
         I’ve tried everything, fighting my conviction, Wisconsin Innocence Project. Sentence modification, try to convince DOC to allow me to do programs. Nothing works. Now I’m out of time for my MR is in October 2018.So they lord the PMR over me to keep me longer. All of this is so wrong and so unjust they put it all on me. I’m absolutely miserable and despondent.  No where to turn.
         I see guys like Steven Avery and his nephew Brandon Dassey get all the help they want but not me. I’m not lying about this. What would be the point.  For once I would love, just once to have someone be on my side.

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