Danny Conner:poster boy for parole?Why Warehouse those ready for release?

                 Why warehouse those ready for release?
                                                                        Danny Conner 244919
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Birth year: 1975 (43 y.o)

Danny Conner from his Uncle

Something has to change concerning those given life sentences under the old law. Statistics show the low recidivism rates of those who have served a significant amount of time and for lifers who have spent more than 20 years is less than 1%. Currently we are simply warehousing men and women who could very well be productive members of society. Many who have been incarcerated since their early 20's and even their late teen years. They have completed al the recommended programming given by the court and their social workers at the prisons they are in, maintained good behavior, gained an education, and have accepted and acknowledge the wrong they've done not only to the person(s) immediately affected by their crime, but to their communities, their own family, and themselves. Now having spent years in prison, some more than half their lives. These same men and women are no longer who they were in their teens and early 20's. They have a completely different mindset. They are for loving members of their communities and households, and many want to give back to them by mentoring the youth so that they don't follow their paths. They are now in their 40's, 50's, and older with no thought of re-offending if and when they are given the opportunity of being paroled.
I am in agreement with the WISDOM for Justice and Bridge of Voices, Forum For Understanding Prisons(FFUP) who are advocating for the release or parole of rehabilitated Old Law prisoners, some lifers with no parole date (or) with parole dates so far into the future that many of these men and women who are ready to contribute to society and their families may die in prison. I ask that you would view the (FFIJP) newsletter dated December 2015, January 2016 and support the PAC 1.06 (16) rule changes they are submitting. I believe that you may view them at www.secondchancewi.org.
My nephew Danny Conner is one of these cases. He was convicted of First Degree Intentional Homicide (Party to a Crime) on May 15, 1996, and on July 16, 1996, the judge sentenced him to serve life in prison with a parole eligibility date of July 16, 2061. Yes, 65 years before even being able to see a possibility.
My nephew has served 20 years in prison. He has had one major violation for which even two of his then counselors testified in his defense that he'd done no wrong. He has not done this on his own. He has given his life over to the Lord and has not looked back. He is not the 20 year old that went into prison. He is a 40 year old who has accepted responsibility for what he's done. His character and behavior are of righteousness. He has completed all of the programs given to him by DOC, has a great work ethic having kept a job for the majority of his incarceration, and should be given a second chance to be a productive member of society. He is seeking to be a help to those at risk of traveling the path he once chose, a help to his family, and an advocate for safety and doing what is righteous in the community. Already he is giving back when he has the means to help those in need, along with speaking up for those who've been harmed in any way, and this of his own volition. Again he is not that 20 year old who went in, but a man who can be a help to his family and community, instead of a hindrance.
I would like to add my voice to those like WISDOM for Justice and Bridge of Voices, Forum For Understanding Prisons(FFUP) who believe in forgiveness, second chances, and that we shouldn't just throw away or warehouse men and women who could actually be contributing to society and who have served a very lengthy amount of time in prison, even more than the 13Y2 required under the Old Law which our system has moved away from, to the detriment of society and the family structure.
I pray that you would support (FFUP)'s action to get PAC 1.06 rule changed and senator Lena Taylor's bill on pardons so that those like my nephew can actually get paroled. Thank you for your time and acknowledgment of this very important matter.

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